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Thread: Baby pulling at my shirt in public

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    Yes, don't worry about offending other people by your baby flashing your bra. Those 'other people' can just deal with it. My DS is nearly 2 and still tugs at my shirt sometimes, though he pretty much knows we don't nurse in public anymore. I don't think most people even realize what is going on. Even non-nursing toddlers tug at their mom's shirts sometimes.
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    i always just took their hand and kissed it... showing them affection and kind of signaling that it wasn't the right time..... of course i'm an NIPer. lol. i live in the US and have never had any really nasty remarks said..... 99% of the time, no one even noticed. if people are looking at your boobs, they probably won't be offended if baby pulls your shirt down. hahaha!

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    I had great success with the "milk sign". My daughter was constantly tugging on my shirt in public. It took her about two day to learn to use the milk sign and I've just tried to accommodate her as much as possible whenever she asks for it using the correct sign. Good luck!

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