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Thread: How much water is okay?

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    Default How much water is okay?

    Hey all!

    DS2 (9.5 months old) has discovered water. He loves water. He will steal my straw cup and slurp and slurp away at it if I let him. It's to the point that he will occasionally refuse the breast if he sees my water cup nearby. I even bought him his own straw sippy, and he goes berserk when he sees it!

    I went through this with DS1, but that was 2.5 years ago, and I don't remember how I handled it.

    So... how much water can he have? I read that for 6 month old babies, a couple ounces a day is fine, but is more okay an almost-10 month old? He loves solids; he will sample anything and everything, including hot sauce -- man I wish I had a video of his reaction! Is it okay to give him a couple ounces of water with his "meals"? Or should I focus on pumping a few ounces a day to give him in a sippy?

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    Default Re: How much water is okay?

    I think that as long as you're continuing to nurse before meals, there's no reason not to let him have some water. You might want to try an open cup with this one- it takes a little more motor control than drinking from a straw or sippy, and maybe the effort needed to control the cup would result in a little lower intake. You definitely don't want water replacing breastmilk at this point.

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