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Thread: Help - is my BM still caloric??

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    Default Help - is my BM still caloric??

    OK. So I have dealt with oversupply and OLD with all 3 of my kids. But I've really worked hard this time to keep the supply in check and very rarely get engorged.

    With each of my kids, though, I notice that at around 6 mos, my breast milk changes and becomes very very watery. This time around it is ridiculous! It seriously looks like coconut water. When I pump, that watery consistency comes out until the very end when I small amount of white milk will come out. If I leave the bottle in the fridge to settle out - there is only the tiniest amount of fat that settles on the top. This can't be normal can it?

    My daughter is very small. She is only in the 25th percentile for weight and the 1st percentile for height. My older two kids have always been in the 50th percentile, so this worries me. She has been EBF.

    I eat very healthy - I have to limit dairy and soy because my daughter is MSPI/refluxy but I eat very healthy otherwise. No processed foods and lots of organic fruit/veg. I also try to consume at least 2-3 tablespoons of coconut oil and half an avocado per day. So I should be getting plenty of fat. Is it possible for some women to just not produce healthy breast milk??

    Thanks so much ladies....

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    Default Re: Help - is my BM still caloric??

    Milk changes as baby grows and needs change. And expressed milk looks very different depending on the mother as well. Mothers who do not pump never see their milk, being able to see expressed milk often stresses moms out!

    The evidence is pretty clear that IF a baby is not gaining weight normally, the issue is amount of breastmilk into baby, not about the quality of the breastmilk. As far as other growth factors like height that is largely genetic unless we are talking severe malnutrition or some other underlying problem. Even siblings may grow very differently.

    As far as how your milk looks, things that might make milk look more 'watery' are a longer length of time between feedings (or pumping,) how long you pump for, overproduction, even time of day milk is pumped.

    What is your child's doctor saying about her growth? Have solids been introduced or is baby still ebf?

    Is your daughter growing? What percentile a child is on the charts means little as far as health goes. There is nothing inherently more healthy about the 50th percentile over the 1st. But if a baby stops growing or grows extremely slowly, that is a concern. The charts should be used to measure an individual child’s rate of growth, not to compare one child to others.

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    Default Re: Help - is my BM still caloric??

    with all the above, but especially with this:
    Even siblings may grow very differently.
    My mom's family is a perfect example. 6 sisters. 1 was short (around 5'4"). 2 are average height (5'6"). 1 is tall (5'10") and 2 are quite tall (6'). Same DNA, just very different height profiles.

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