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Thread: oversupply, comfort feeding and block feeding questions

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    Default oversupply, comfort feeding and block feeding questions

    Ladies: Thanks for earlier advice getting over the pain. I"m pain free in the left and almost pain free in the right.

    I have oversupply/painful let down. I know my LO gets about 3 or 4 let downs in one session so I feed just one breast per session. During the day that's every 1-3 hours and at night, it's about every 3.

    Is block feeding still OK to do? How will I know when to offer both breasts at a feeding? I will eventually return to work so do want a good supply and am willing to pump a bit now to maintain.

    regarding comfort feeding, at first I didn't do it b/c of the pain. I've been allowing more of it but sometimes my LO gets mad at breast b/c of letdown during comfort feeding. Right now I am giving her paci when that happens. Should I? other ways to deal with that?

    Thanks guys.

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    Default Re: oversupply, comfort feeding and block feeding questions

    Glad to hear there's been such an improvement!

    Block feeding is an art, not a science. You stop doing it when your baby is giving you signs that she has finished the first breast and is still hungry and wants the second, or when you feel that your supply is pretty well-matched to her needs. Since you still feel several letdowns at a feeding and your baby still has times when she gets mad after receiving an unwanted letdown, I think one-sided feedings are probably something you can safely stick with for now.

    I would continue to avoid the pump. I know that you want a "good" supply for when you return to work, but you don't want to pick up the pump too early and earn a return of your oversupply. If you want, you could try expressing an oz or two a day, and storing it. That would be unlikely to exacerbate oversupply and would give you a sense of how easy (or not) pumping is likely to be for you.

    If baby refuses the breast because she doesn't want milk but wants to suck, that's an appropriate time to offer the paci provided she is gaining weight at a normal rate.

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    Default Re: oversupply, comfort feeding and block feeding questions

    Great advice

    I just wanted to add that multiple letdowns isn't necessarily an indication of oversupply. You can also have forceful letdowns and not have oversupply. I haven't read your other thread so this may have already been covered I just wouldn't want you to feel like you have to block feed because of multiple or forceful letdowns, ya know?

    With that said, we block fed for the majority of our nursing relationship. One breast per nursing session (which were about 2 hours apart). Occasionally ds2 would nurse from both sides, but was usually satisfied with one.

    If block feeding continues for a while and you want to build a freezer stash, a friend of mine would nurse from one side and pump from the second breast in the morning only, and continued nursing on demand throughout the day.

    Good luck, mama!

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    Default Re: oversupply, comfort feeding and block feeding questions

    Thanks! What makes me think the later letdowns are unwanted by LO is that she chokes, pulls off nip, and then looks at me with closed mouth. It's kind of funny except when it hurts.

    I am in a similar pattern to you now Jenn. Thanks again.

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