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    I have a two month old and he is starting to sleep longer and feed less frequently. That's when major engorgement started happening. It seems that starting a few days ago at least one breast is always engorged. Maybe I'm a wimp but the pain brings me to tears. I used to pump when he went loner without eating but now I'm reading that pumping may actually cause me to produce even more milk--making the problem worse. So yesterday I stopped pumping and am using ice packs and heat packs to treat the engorgement. But I still had to express manually today for relief. I am very stressed and concerned about this. I am constantly treating an engorged breast and am miserable. I never imagined breastfeeding would be this difficult! Does it get better and should I be doing anything differently? I can't imagine keeping this up for a year or more but I know I have to because it's best for my baby. I just hope this isn't permanent!

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    Hi jakes.mommy, and welcome to the forum! I remember that not long after I joined the forum, I had a similar issue -my baby was 3 months old, and all of a sudden, one breast was getting quite full at a time. I had also heard about the issues with pumping making it worse, so I hand expressed to comfort. I got reassurance here that it was the correct route - as one mama put it 'dealing with oversupply is often a step forward/2 steps back thing, and can take a bit of fine-tuning' (or something to that effect). She was right, and within a week, things were back under control. And it does get better, my LO is 13 months and we're going strong!

    How often are you nursing your LO? He should be getting at least 8-10 sessions/24 hour period, but that doesn't mean you can't offer more frequently if you're needing some relief.

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    2 steps forward, 1 step back. It's going to take some time and persistence to manage this. Start by avoiding the pump as much as possible, leaving the breast as full as possible, and either nursing or hand-expressing when the discomfort is too much. Don't worry about waking the baby when he's sleeping– more breastmilk is something that is worth waking up for!

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    Thanks ladies for the advice and encouraging words. It does help to have your support! I am feeding him on demand and right now he is eating at least 8 times a day and as much as 12 times a day. Usually he eats anywhere between every 2-3 hours but recently he may go as long as 4-5 hours once a day or he will have two feedings back to back that are short (he stops eating and I can't do anything to make him eat more because all he wants to do is go back to sleep) and that's when the painful engorgement set in. I will stay away from the pump and express manually if necessary. I have not woken him up to make him eat but I will take your advice and do it next time I need relief. I am encouraged to hear that it will get better and my body will adjust. Thanks again!

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