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Thread: First grandbaby first time mother.

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    Default First grandbaby first time mother.

    I am a new grand mother. I myself was a LLL leader years ago. My daughter is being told her 7 day old baby needs to have more poop diapers. I have always gone on the rule that you only need wet diapers, three a day at the least. Has something changed or is this lactation specialist just scaring her?

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    Hi grandma, welcome to the forum! Lucky grandbaby who has a former LLL Leader for a grandmother!

    Yes, in the early days I think the current thinking is that poop is a better indicator of supply than wet diapers. Here's the La Leche League early days diaper log:

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    Congrats on the new grandbaby!

    I think it depends on who you talk to. My DS2 pooped every other day when he was a newborn. His pediatrician wasn't concerned, since he was have 8+ wets a day and gaining more than an ounce a day as well. She just shrugged and said "as long as it's a big one, he should be fine". Is there some other issue that's causing concern?
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    And here are the kellymom.com guidelines for diaper output: http://kellymom.com/bf/got-milk/supp...s/enough-milk/

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    Hi and congratulations!

    Here is how I understand it. 3 + 'ok' poops a day by day 3 of life as described in the early diaper log linked above, are a good indicator baby is getting enough milk to gain appropriately. But baby NOT pooping that much may also be ok too. It just means the situation bears looking into. Also it matters what the poops look like & volume, as well as frequency.

    How is weight gain? By 7 days of age, typically baby is starting on her way back up after any initial weight loss. The poops are only one indicator, a better indicator is weight gain as long as weight checks are done accurately on the same scale. Also how breastfeeding is going in general is important. Is nursing painful for mom? Is baby nursing at least 10-12 times a day? is baby super sleeepy? etc. In other words, poops should not be the only thing looked at.
    Have you gotten the latest (8th) edition of The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding? Several things have changed even since I had my first baby 10 years ago, There is much more research/info now, new thinking about positioning, skin to skin, etc. (Also lots of things LLL has been suggesting all along are now borne out by the research.)

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    Personally, I wouldn't be worrying about the number of poops at only 7 days. That's only one piece of the big picture. Is baby nursing frequently? Waking to nurse? Sleeping well? Passing urine? Stopped losing weight and maybe gaining? Is he jaundiced at all?

    With my girls, the frequent poops didn't really start until they passed all of the meconium (black tar first poops). That can take a few days with some babes.

    It bothers me when people scare new Mom's by focusing on ONE thing. It undermines their efforts and can crush their confidence at such a tender time. If everything else is okay, I'd be more prone to take a "wait and see" approach. If other concerns start to arise, then I'd be looking more carefully at any changes that need to occur.
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