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Thread: Do i need a bigger Flange side

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    Default Do i need a bigger Flange side

    I have the Ameda Purley Yours double electric pump. It came with the standard 25 size flanges. This is great on my right breast. i can get 3 ounces in 30 minutes no problem. no pain but enought pressure when i can feel the pump. similiar to nursing. My left side i can get 1 ounce in the same amount of time and sometimes i still feel full after. I can barley feel the pump working and i feel like too much of my nipple is going into the flange but i cannot tell. there is no pain. but after i pump my nipple is like double the size while the other side looks the same.

    Do i need a larger flange or do i just not have as much production on that side?

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    Default Re: Do i need a bigger Flange side

    It does sound like your flange size on the left may be too small. Your nipple should move back and forth easily without too much of your breast getting sucked in. I think trying a different size is a good idea. In the meantime you could also try a little oil to lubricate on the left side.

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    Default Re: Do i need a bigger Flange side

    No need to over-analyze the flange fitting, just get the larger flange size and see if it helps. It is a rather inexpensive way to troubleshoot. It is very common for mom's breasts to require two different sized flanges, and also very common for flange fitting to change as time goes on.
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