OK So I already have the long thread about baby being poor at milk removal but had a separate question and wanting some feedback.

I'm waiting to hear back from my IBCLC and also emailed Dr Newman, who did get back to me but don't think he has enough info (he limits it to a certain # of characters and that's fine. I'm just happy he emailed me right away!).

Anyway, long story short, triple feeding 35 weeker twins who are now 2 mos old. 5 x day I nurse with an at breast lactation aid and then pump for 30 min. I have to pump that long bc they empty me out fairly well. Yesterday they averaged 50 ccs each/session (5 sessions each, at the same time, well, one right after the other. I don't find tandem nursing as effective since it's hard to get a good latch on them with it and nearly impossible to tandem SNS feed). So I spent 2.5 hrs pumping afterward, across 5 sessions. Averaged one oz/per time. I am already supplementing with donor milk. It's going to be formula here in a week (hypoallergenic but formula just the same which is difficult for me to accept, but there it is and I have to feed them).

If I only have an oz in me after a half hr of pumping after they both nurse do we call that low supply or poor milk removal? Because I don't get how it's poor milk removal if they're cleaning me out. This last session they got 68 and 50 ccs, respectively. Now I'm pumping. They get 3 bottles at night (9, 12, 3) from DH. I pump then, too, of course. Dr Newman says that bottles can interfere with latching and just to nurse them then. I'd gladly nurse in bed if it meant not getting up to pump but if I have to get up and pump then no I can't nurse both and pump. I did that for a few days off and on and it's too hard. I nursed DD in bed for 27 mos. It's not a problem. I can lie on my side and nurse and it's fine and much more restful than getting up to pump.

Any ideas? I feel like this is turning into a stupid waste of time and with a 4 yr old and twin babies I don't have time to waste. Plus if I cut out the pumping I could nurse more often. Right now it's all I can do to nurse both and pump and that's 1:45 right there. They're on a 3 hr schedule now since they're not requesting more often than that (actually less) I will feed them any time they're hungry if they show hunger cues before that time and I really balked at starting a schedule but here we are. Thank you for any ideas.