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Thread: Nipple Shield to Breast Help

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    My daughter is 4 and 1/2 weeks and has been using a nipple shield to breastfeed since she was less than a week old. She is also bottle fed pumped breast milk. I am wanting to get her to breastfeed without the shield if possible and am looking for advice to ween her from the shield.

    Background info to help: My daughter was born as an "early term" baby at 37 weeks and was only five pounds five ounces (dropped to 4 lbs 12 ounces at her lowest). We initially did not use a bottle or shield, but when she was two days old she was readmitted to the hospital to be treated for jaundice. The pediatrician there wanted her to have supplemental feedings after she breastfed (This is how the bottle started at the hospital. He wanted us to use formula but thankfully we stuck to our instincts and had the support of a lactation nurse at the hospital to support me pumping breastmilk for her instead).

    After only a day in the hospital she was not breastfeeding well when we got home and we went to our hospital's lactation consultant. She figured out that my daughter was not nursing well due mainly to her size. She couldn't latch well and suck strong enough for a long enough period of time to get what she needed. She hooked us up with a supplemental feeding system so she could still breastfeed (shield with a feeding tube and syringe).

    We have gone back a few times to see her. The feeding system was frustrating to use and we decided she was doing well enough to just use the shield the last time we visited her. I tried about two weeks ago with the lactation nurse to feed her without the shield, however she wouldn't do it.

    My daughter gets mad quickly if my flow isn't fast enough so a lot of times to even get her to the breast with the shield I have to give her a little breastmilk in a bottle first so she isn't as hungry and angry. (My supply isn't an issue because I'm able to pump over 40 oz a day).

    Any tips to get away from the shield and bottle and just to straight breastfeeding?

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    I am a new mom myself and not an expert, but here is a link from Kelly Mom (kellymom.com) that you might find helpful http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/chil...hield/#weaning
    I hope it helps!

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