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    I have not breast fed my first daughter since she was 12 months. Would it be a bad idea or crazy to want to start breast feeding her again? I feel weird for asking but I'm concerned about her health and I feel like breastfeeding would be good for her. Can you retrain a 3 year old to breast feed? I'm also breast feeding my 5 month old. Is this strange to want to breast feed her after all this time?

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    Not a bad idea, and not crazy, either! A lot of 3 year-olds are still nursing- both my girls nursed until age 3, and we have plenty of mamas here who have nursed longer than that.

    The only problem with your idea is the retraining part. Most kids who have been weaned for a significant amount of time don't really know how to get milk out of the breast. They just can't coordinate the necessary movements. It won't hurt to offer, but don't be too surprised if your LO turns you down, or licks you, or just doesn't manage to get any milk. If that's the case, you might want to try pumping or hand-expressing some milk and putting it in a sippy cup, or blending it in with some of her food. Yum!

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    The only problem is that I have Issues with the pump. It doesn't work well for me. But I will try hand expressing.

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    I think you have something great going for you in encouraging your three year old to nurse- that you are nursing a young baby as well. This means you have lots of milk and it will not be difficult for your three year old to extract milk, even if her technique is a bit off. Of course you have to be careful she does not bite or otherwise injure you with a funky latch (even with a great latch, nursing a three year old is going to feel quite different than your baby.) If that is a problem, maybe try a nipple shield JUST for the three year old.

    I suggest, get baby nursing and then invite three year old to try the other side. Milk should be flowing quite well at that point. You can encourage your three year old to knead or you can de compressions yourself to get a faster flow for her.

    Nothing weird about trying this, although many will think so due to society wide ignorance about breastfeeding.

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