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Thread: want to relacatate, but could use some input

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    Default want to relacatate, but could use some input

    So I am wanting to at least partially relactate but I am trying to decide if it is worthwhile or possible in my situation. My son is 12 weeks old and I never really made much attempt to breastfeed after he was born due to stress, anxiety, marital problems and pressures, etc. I pumped sporadically during the first 2 months or so and I really had wanted to do that more often, but I let life get in my way...I had to find a new job and do a lot of training for it that consumed a lot of time during my maternity leave. Anyway, things have settled down a bit now and I just really would like to give it one more go..but my job is such that it will be very difficult for me to pump while I'm at work...I'm a nurse and I work 3 12 hour shifts a week, and it is usually very busy...I could probably squeeze in one or maybe two sessions if it's a good day but that's it. The other thing is that right now all I have is a the Medela manual single pump I got at the hospital..I've been pumping whenever I can with that and I can get a few drops out; at first I felt very encouraged that at least I hadn't completely dried up but I know it will still take a lot of time and effort to increase it even a little bit. I know it's recommended to rent a hospital grade pump for relactating but I know my husband would not be on board with me spending $50 a month on one of those and not even being able to keep it indefinently. I had a cheap electric Lansinoh pump from my first child but it quit working properly.

    In light of all that, I discovered a $47 foot powered pump online that is supposed to work with any tubing set, and I took the plunge and ordered it the other night (I have a Medela pump set from the hospital). I figured at least it would be mine to keep and I could at least pump both sides without killing my arms in the process.

    Let me also say that I am not not expecting a full return of milk supply, honestly I would be happy if all he got was an ounce a day, something is better than nothing right? If I set a very small goal I will be less inclined to quit I think.

    But I am still questioning if it wise to attempt this, and how feasible it will be, with the time constraints I have, and not having a hospital grade pump...I keep feeling like maybe I should just cancel the order and move on with my life... plus I am notorious for starting projects and not following through with them. But if I don't try now, I know I won't have another opportunity, and I may regret it more if I don't at least try. My mother-in-law is staying with us right now though to help out though, so that would free up some time for me during my days off to pump. Sorry to write a novel, thanks for listening :-)

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    Default Re: want to relacatate, but could use some input

    A foot-powered pump- that's genius! So many moms out there wear out their hands with manual pumps and it makes it hard for them to want to pump long enough or often enough. Can you let us know the name of the device? It might help some other mom.

    Your relactation goal is very reasonable. Yes, a hospital-grade pump and being able to pump all the time is ideal, but we don't live in an ideal world. I think the more often you use the pump,the faster you'll see results. Ideally, you'd be aiming for 8-12 pumping sessions per day- but if you can't manage that many, particularly on busy workdays, that's okay. Strive for the ideal, make do with the doable!!!

    I would discuss pump options with your husband. $50/month for a hospital grade pump... He might surprise you and say that it sounds worthwhile, especially if you were very successful and you were able to cut down on your formula purchases. If you went through 1 less can of formula per month, you'd be saving around $20-30 every month. I'd also talk to your workplace about the pump- you might be able to steal away to the maternity ward and use one of their pumps, provided you purchased your own parts.

    You might even want to consider buying a good double electric pump, like a Medela Pump in Style or Hygeia Enjoye. They're generally around $200-300, but compare that to the cost of a rental pump and you rapidly close the financial gap.

    I would also contact your local La Leche League. Pumps are supposed to be single user medical devices. But know that a lot of pumps change hands between moms in the parking lot outside the LLL meetings!!! If you're comfortable with a lightly used pump, you might be able to get one for free.

    Oh! One last option- the Affordable Care Act has a provision that requires that breast pumps be covered by insurance, and many plans are now covering free or reduced cost pumps. So call your insurance co!

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    Default Re: want to relacatate, but could use some input

    Thank you for your suggestions! The pump is called VersaPed, I found it on this website: breastpumpmama.com Medela has one also but this one seemed better; I will let you know how it is when I get it. I think it's a great idea too, I'm surprised it's not more well known than it is, it seems like it would have many advantages over electric and manual pumps. I had never heard of them until I happened upon an article describing different types of pumps.

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