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It's not that it's a bad idea, if it’s not causing other issues. It’s just not necessary.

But it is suspected that your baby is possibly not gaining well, and slow weight gain has been connected to keeping baby on one side "too long." I would suggest nurse more often and let baby switch sides every time baby pulls off.

If you think baby is pulling off due to a fast flow, try nursing “laid back” with baby more on top of you. The frequent feedings should help with that as well.

Green poops and pulling off can indicate forceful letdown and overproduction, (but of course that is not consistent with slow weight gain.) Switch nursing directed by mom is not suggested in overproduction cases. But your baby is wanting to switch, so I would suggest, let baby. Green poops never hurt anyone-that can just be normal.
Hi again

I gave your post more thought after I replied yesterday, and I have been switching sides when he pulls off, even if it's after a few sucks. Thank you for making me think about that. I had assumed that he was pulling off for other reasons, not that he wanted to switch so frequently, but maybe he does.