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Thread: Baby refuses to nurse during day

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    Default Baby refuses to nurse during day

    My baby girl is now 2 1/2 months old.

    She refuses to nurse during the day. I attempt at every feed and she gets a good latch and from there just bobs on and off. After so much of that it turns to crying and frustration from her so I stop and give her expressed milk in a bottle.

    She deeply latches and nurses so well all through the night in my bed.

    unfortunately I do not have the option of always going to nurse her at home in my bed.

    Pumping is exhausting and makes me feel as though I am doing double duty not to mention I dont feel it empty's my breast sufficient so the amount I pump is always all over the bored.

    I want to nurse my baby exclusively

    Thank you in advance for your responses.
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    Default Re: Baby refuses to nurse during day

    I agree, pumping is not fun! And take heart because most of us deal with a fussy nurser at some point. These ladies helped me and they will help you, too.

    I don't know much about anything, but I see you haven't gotten a response in a while, so I'll ask some questions I think others would, if they were here...

    How long has this been going on?

    About how much are you pumping and how often? (As specific as you can be)

    How are the baby's diapers? Frequency of pees and poops, and what color are the poops?

    How is baby's weight gain?

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    Default Re: Baby refuses to nurse during day

    Welcome to the forum!

    Are you back at work, and therefore absolutely required to pump, or are you home with your baby? Because here's what I'm thinking- your baby is a great nurser at night. Since she can nurse, and nurse well, when the circumstances are right, it suggests that the daytime breast refusal is more about a preference than about her ability to latch and nurse. So you might be able to break that preference by taking a "nursing vacation", where you get into bed with baby and just focus on nursing, nursing, nursing. Maybe once your baby is in what she thinks of as "the nursing location" instead of "the bottle location", she'll be more willing to nurse. And after a couple of days of increased practice, maybe she'll decide that breast beats bottle no matter where she is.

    Do you have a shield? Shields can be useful for reluctant latchers- they have some drawbacks but those are secondary to getting the baby on the breast and off the bottle.

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    Default Re: Baby refuses to nurse during day

    Kayla 9214,

    This has been going on for about a few weeks now.
    I pump every 2-3 hours and get 2 ounces from each side. I start the pumping around 9 and stop at 9 since my girl will nurse at night in the bedroom.
    My baby poops about 6 times a day and they are yellow and seedy, she pees about 15 x's per 24 hours maybe more.

    She is gaining weight really well she now weighs 12 pounds from her birth weight of 5lbs 5 ounces ( she was full term I have small babies )

    Thank you for your encouragement and bringing attention to my question.
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    Default Re: Baby refuses to nurse during day


    I have decided with my Husband I will not be returning to work. Although I have a 3 year old which makes it pretty impossible for me to just go into the bedroom.

    I appreciate your insight and agree with what you are saying about the spaces she's in... It had not really occurred to me but makes a lot of sense.

    Tonight I brought my bedroom pillows and blanket into the living room and laid on ground with her and she nursed well. Is it strange to think that my baby prefers to nurse with me laying down vs. me holding her in a nursing position!?

    Thank you for suggesting the nipple shield I do not use one and had heard nothing about them. I looked the nipple shield up and it seems like something to give a try, by chance do you know how I will choose the correct size? or if I should use the full or half shield I saw on the Medela website.

    Thank you for your help and insight.

    Im really looking forward to just being able to pull up my shirt and nurse her vs using the pump. Although I will stick with the pump if need be. Thank you again

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    Default Re: Baby refuses to nurse during day

    Not weird at all to nurse side-lying! Some babies have a strong preference for one position over another, and there's no shame in using what works. I nursed my first exclusively in the side-lying position for the first few months of her life.

    The best way to use a shield is with guidance from a lactation consultant, preferably an IBCLC. Is that a possibility for you?

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    Default Re: Baby refuses to nurse during day

    I delivered at Naval Base Jax and they have the worst Lactation consultant.... She does not answer or return phone calls despite giving a cell number. I was feeling pretty desperate so I text messaged her and I got a 3 word response : /

    But I did find out online that there is a Le leche League group who does monthly meetings in my area!! So Im headed there on the 3 rd Wednesday of October.

    Thank you for all your support and help Mommal!!

    The advice you women give is worth its weight in gold.

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