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Thread: 2 month old teething, need help

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    Unhappy 2 month old teething, need help

    My 2 month old is teething, he has very tiny piece of tooth peeking out of his gums . His latch has become more painful in the past weeks, and nursing is accompanied by lots of screaming, possibly because his gums hurt. I have tried different positions nothing seems to help, in the end I let him latch on however he wants even if it is painful for me because I want him to eat. His diaper output is still normal. Help please, my nipples are becoming increasingly sore and I want to solve the problem if possible before it gets worst.

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    Unfortunately, I can't help you, but my 2 month old has started teething as well. He still wants to nurse constantly, but he definitely whimpers while he does it. Hasn't gotten painful for me yet, but I'm worried about this myself. I'm interested to see what advice you get, and I will let you know if I learn any tricks.

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    Typically if a baby is latched correctly and while actively nursing, they cannot rub teeth or bite, as the lower teeth are under the tongue.

    BUT, some babies do bite or clamp, either at the start or end of a nursing session, or they may interrupt sucking to do so. This can happen with and without teeth, more moms report it happening around teething, but many babies get teeth and never bite.

    And of course some babies get an off latch and that can cause teeth rubbing.

    My oldest also got his lower fronts very early, it's not all that unusual, and you can keep nursing.

    This article has many ideas for biting and teeth rubbing http://kellymom.com/ages/older-infant/biting/

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    Default Re: 2 month old teething, need help

    Any other remedies for teething besides nursing working: Tylenol (get doc's advice on dosage), teething tablets, Baltic amber necklace, cold teether or washcloth? Maybe relieving the pain a little would help nursing sessions go better. Keep trying to go back to the basics of latch. Hopefully it resolves soon. Once ds's teeth were fully through the pain usually went away, at least until the next set popped up.

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