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Thread: Help! 11 month old sudden shallow latch

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    Hi, I am currently 17 weeks pregnant and nursing an 11 month old. This past week she has developed a very shallow latch and keeps pulling off and on while nursing. I know my milk has decreased, she only has about 4-5 wet diapers a day and they aren't really full. She is also constipated from not enough fluid, I've tried water, water and juice but she only takes a couple sips. She eats 3x a day but nurses a lot, at least 6x a day and all night! She does not take a bottle or pacifier. This sudden shallow latch seems like she is forgetting how to breastfeed, I try and make her take more of the nipple but she just pulls off and goes back on shallow. She then gets frustrated and does this over and over throughout nursing. I guess my question is twofold, why is she suddenly have a shallow latch and how do I get more fluid into her? I planned to tandem nurse unless she self-weaned, I don't think she wants to wean but could this be the start? Also she is a big girl, 28 lbs so she might not need the breastmilk, not sure.

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    Congratulations on expecting!

    I don't know about a shallow latch, necessarily, but I have often seen (and experienced myself) a more painful or "off feeling" when baby gets bigger and nursing position(s) need to be adjusted to accommodate longer baby. Often I have seen older babies tucking their chins if they are too 'curled' up and that leading to a painful latch.

    Of course many mothers experience pain when nursing when pregnant due to nipple sensitivity from the pregnancy as well.

    Baby may be pulling off and on due to your milk production going down-baby is trying to get the flow going. You could try breast compressions to see if that helps at all.

    How much breastmilk a baby needs depends on how many calories/nutrition baby is taking in from other sources. How much food total a baby needs each day varies from child to child but as far as I am aware size is not a factor.

    How a baby handles nursing when mom is pregnant really runs the gamut. Some spontaneously wean, others nurse through the pregnancy without a hitch, and everything in between. Of course some mothers choose to actively encourage weaning while pregnant as well.

    And then once baby is born, some children who weaned may show an interest in nursing again when there is lots of milk, and other do not.

    I strongly suggest the book "Adventures In Tandem Nursing"

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