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Thread: LC thinks it's thrush, OB thinks it's not...

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    Default LC thinks it's thrush, OB thinks it's not...


    My baby girl is 2 weeks old, and since the day I left the hospital, I've been having severe breast pain. I have burning pain in my nipples while she nurses, and then after she's finished I have THE WORST stabbing pains inside of my breasts for the next 45 mins to an hour. The LC at the hospital came to see me before we left, and said it sounded possibly like thrush, so she asked the Dr to prescribe me Nystatin. The next day (when the pain was getting worse) they called in Diflucan as well. I saw another LC a few days later who said she thought it was thrush based on symptoms as well as appearance (shiny, red areolas, flaky looking nipples, nipple damage). She had me do the vinegar/water rinse, boil pump parts and shells, use clotrimazole when I wasn't using the Nystatin (the Dr said to use 4 times daily), as well as cutting out sugars and processed foods. I was on the Diflican for 10 days with limited resultant (got a little better, then a little worse, but not back to the original pain level). I saw the LC a week layer, and since there was no significant improvement, she recommended Dr. Newman's all purpose nipple ointment and grntain violet, but told me to discuss with my Dr. I then went to my OB of fice, and the Dr I saw said that she didn't think it was yeast, it's just because I'm a first time mom and breastfeeding the first is "extremely painful." She said the red areolas are because of the baby's latch, and then (when I asked why the redness extrended beyobg where my baby could possibly reach) she said it was because my skin is bring stretched beyond what it ever has before. She wrote me a prescription for a pain med and sent me on my way. Well, I know that's BS...this CANNOT be "normal pain," because NO ONE WOULD DO THIS. I would gladly give birth again if it meant this pain would go away...and I just did that 2 weeks ago, so I haven't had time to forget how awful that was yet. The Dr did take a yeast culture, and the preliminary results came back negative. I guess my question is, is there anything else that can exhibit these symptoms besides thrush? Particularly the extreme pain AFTER nursing? My Dr wouldn't prescribe me Dr. Newman's ointment, but since I can get GV without a prescription, I may do that. I'm just wondering if continuing to treat it as thrush is the right thing to do. Any advice or suggestions appreciated. Thank you!


    ETA: my daughter doesn't have any signs of oral thrush or diaper rash. Also, if it is thrush, I'm assuming i got it because (and I admit this with great shame) I bought my nursing bras secondhand, and had to have an antibiotic during delivery for group b steep...I'm assuming I may have infected myself in my attempt to cut costs, and the antibiotic lowered my defenses? Also, I've tried Motherlove and I'm taking probiotics. I think that's all I forgot to add. Lol.
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    Default Re: LC thinks it's thrush, OB thinks it's not...

    Wow, I'm sorry you got the misinformed brush-off from your ob! FTR, breastfeeding can be a bit ouchy at first as mom and baby get adjusted, but it does NOT hurt so badly that a mom would choose childbirth over nursing. That is NOT a normal level of pain.

    I would go in to see your child's pediatrician. Pediatricians are often more familiar with thrush than obstetricians, and sometimes they even know that both mom and baby must be treated simultaneously, even if one member of the nursing pair is asymptomatic. And thrush is a good bet- you had antibiotics for GBS, your symptoms match. (I wouldn't worry about the nursing bras- you surely washed them before using them, and yeast is a normal comment of your skin flora. Thrush is just an overgrowth of what is normally there, often due to antibiotic-induced die-off of the good bacteria that keeps the yeast in check.) There is another possibility here that would match both the skin symptoms and the pain, and that's a bacterial infection of the skin. A dermatologist might be a good person to see in order to explore that possibility.

    Pain after feedings, particularly if it's concentrated in the nipple, can be caused by vasospasms. Do you ever see the nipple appearing compressed, or changing color after feedings? It might blanch (turn white) or maybe turn bluish-purple before returning to a normal color.

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