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Thread: Mastitis and oversupply... In pain!

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    Update: I went to see the Newman clinic and my son was diagnosed with a tongue tie that I have yet to decided about clipping. We go back tomorrow for a follow up. As for my mastitis, the redness is completely gone but I am still experiencing a bit of pain and a huge lump is still left in my breast. So the antibiotics did work. I feel better overall though and not like a sick and dying person! No joke, I felt so sick from the fever, vomiting and pain in the beginning I thought I was going to die.

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    Thank you so much for the update, I am glad you are feeling better, I am also glad you and baby have consulted at the Newman clinic.
    Plugged duct: When i had a massive unyielding plugged duct, the only thing that helped was vibration. I used a personal massager, another suggestion is an electric toothbrush.
    Mastitis: There is no doubt mastitis can make a mom VERY ill.
    Tongue tie: thank you for the reminder that plugs and mastitis can be due to (or made worse by) baby not being able to transfer milk well. Tongue tie can certainly interfere with baby’s ability to nurse efficiently, and even if baby is getting enough milk, this can cause major problems for mom.

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    Thanks for the update. Hope you make some headway against that lump!

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