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    My daughter is 23 weeks and I went to the DR. for her visit only to find out that she is underweight. I was very upset to hear this so I did some research. Finding out that she is on the bottom of the WHO/UNicef chart and barely in the curve. She is small in stature( like my husbands family and also like my other daughter )in 5th-10th percentile for the first 3 months. We missed her 4 month appt and because of school were not able to get a well visit appt for more than a month after that which frustrates me more because i dont know where this problem started. I know that she is still healthy bright eyed, meets all developmental goal and does not seem hungry as this was a big shock to me) I just started feeding her this week solids because she is one week away from 6 months anyway. She is my second child and I had supply issues with my first from the beginning. It brought back such bad memories of trying everything then eventually giving up at 7 months. I was so relieved when my breast feeding relationship and milk supply were great from early on. Everything I thought was still in order, although I did notice a small drop in my supply at night two weeks ago but i attributed it to my first period and having bronchitis. I got bronchitis recently and also am a nurse working 12 hour nights and at times im so exhausted my husband won't wake me for a feeding and just use milk from the night before thinking he did me a favor. So pumping at night and waking up to breast feed during the day. It is hard to find advice about the change at night like regular people who sleep then. I also pumped entirely for 2 days to find out i was only making 15 ounces!!! That is below what she should be getting. I started to give extra formula but she hates it and spits it up immediately. Also I have begun pumping every 2 hours for 20 mins. Is power pumping more effective? The pediatritan also recommended that i give her 3 meals a day and put rice cereal in her milk. Now she is constipated!! I know this is a lot to read but I am just frustrated and I really don't know where to go with this? Any advice at all is appreciated. Most of all I wonder if it isn't too late to fix it. Thanks http://forums.llli.org/images/smilies/confused.gif

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    you cannot accurately measure milk production accurately by pumping for two days. You can, however, harm your production by doing that. Because pumps are not the same as babies.

    If your baby has consistently gained weight between weight checks but has always been at around the same curve, that is normal and expected. Growth charts show the variety of normal weight gain in healthy children. Some healthy babies are always going to be at the 'bottom' of the growth charts.

    Solids are not usually the answer to weight gain issues, if there are weight gain issues. In fact they can cause additional problems. This is because ounce for ounce, breastmilk has more calories and fat and will be absorbed far far better than the vast majority of food a 6 month old can eat.

    In rare cases a baby may not be gaining well due to a nutritional deficiency-very low iron or b-12, for example. To diagnose this you would need a blood test, I imagine. But if that were the case, the shortfall would be so great baby would most likely require vitamins of some kind.

    If I thought my six month old was not getting enough calories, I would look into how to increase breastmilk into baby. Nurse more often, encourage comfort nursing, look into the many ways to increase milk production, make sure baby has no latch or sucking issues.

    What did pediatrician suggest?
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    Pediatrician suggested feeding her 3x a day rice cereal which just constipated her and I think it was a terrible idea. I'm not sure what to do so for now I'm pumping every 2 while I am at work and putting her on the breast as often as possible with 1 formula supplementation at night because even though she is at the bottom of the curve she had a decline.

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    It certainly is possible there is a weight gain issue. Of course. But just FYI, weight gain rates normally fluctuate-

    If you thought something was wrong and the weight check confirmed it, that would be one thing. But since YOU, the experienced mom who already had low production issues, and sees baby every day and cares more than anyone else, did not think anything was wrong, I just have to wonder if there really is anything wrong.

    If you think the issue is low milk production, (and that must be the consensus or else there would be no reason to supplement,) then I suggest the excellent book on milk production, Making More Milk. A good online resource for low supply issues is kellymom,. starting with this article: http://kellymom.com/bf/got-milk/supp...es/low-supply/

    Your plan to nurse frequently when with baby and pump more often at work will likely help milk production. Just be careful to not over-exhaust yourself, especially with the pumping.

    Also I suggest, make sure pump is in good working order if there is any question there. A poorly performing pump or a pump that is just not up to the demands of a working mother will definitely cause low milk production over time. Some mothers need a hospital grade pump in order to keep up production when pumping at work. hand expression and breast compression when pumping also help many moms. Kellymom will have more on how to maximise pump output.

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    Putting rice cereal in her milk, did he mean bottle? If so, that is dangerous and a choking hazard.
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