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Thread: A Word of Encouragement if You're Struggling!

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    Hi, I wanted to give you an update since we have made major progress. Last Sunday night I decided not to give the bottle to Asher. I syringed fed him a lot and got him to latch on with the nipple shield. So I give him syringe milk on my nipple shield until he latched on and my milk comes. Sometimes I have not had to use the syringe. I am truly amazed and believe it is an answer to prayer. My only problems now are, I don't think he is getting as much as he was with the bottles because he is just learning how to get my milk out. His diapers are wet but not as much as before. I am worried if I pump during the day he will want to eat right after I pump and I will not have milk, so I am very full of milk. I pumped when he went to sleep last night and got 8oz. He is nursing more often than he was been bottle fed so I hope my supply doesn't suffer while he gets better as nursing. I am SO HAPPY!!!!!

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    I am so excited for you! You really have been working hard. It took about a month for my daughter to get up to speed, I would say. Her diapers were not as wet at first but have gotten progressively wetter. Her weight gain was also slow for a while and is not better (around 4 oz per week). So hopefully your son will keep on improving!

    The other day I put my finger in her mouth and she sucked on it - it felt SO different than it did a couple months ago - just kind of efficient, aggressive, and coordinated. My discomfort is almost completely gone and we're just chugging away now! Slowly, everything just continues to get better. Now if we could only get a little more sleep !

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