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    So I am desperate for some help. I had my baby three weeks ago and had an emergency c-section. Once I was handed my baby to breastfeed him, my baby had trouble latching on due to my inverted nipples. During my stay at the hospital I kept trying to get him to latch on and was not very successful. I refused to give my baby formula during my stay at the hospital, however, after I was discharged and went home, my baby continued to have problems latching on. Before I left the hospital my baby had already lost 9% of his birth weight and during his first appointment (a day after I was discharged) he had lost over 10% of his birth weight. At this point, the pediatrician told me it was essential I supplement with formula.

    It broke my heart but I began giving my baby formula but I continued to try and breast feed. The problem got worse when I became engorged. Not only was I not being able to latch my baby on successfully but my breast were extremely full. I started pumping and that relieved some of my engorgement. I continued to attempt breastfeeding and my baby finally started latching on successfully. Unfortunately, my baby would not get full off of my breast and I still had to continue supplementing.

    I tried not pumping to see if that helped when he breastfed and it did not. I started breastfeeding during the day and formula feeding at night. I was producing about 1 oz from each breast when I would pump. Lately, I have only been producing 1oz from both breast. My baby has been breastfeeding more often and I have been pumping more. I don't understand why my milk production is decreasing. Please help!!! I feel like I'm drying out and soon will not have any milk. It kills me to think that I will not be breastfeeding anymore. I wanted to breastfeed exclusively and that did not work out. I have conformed to breastfeeding and formula feeding but was hoping I can get to a point where I can produce enough to satisfy my baby's hunger.

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    Unfortunately, my baby would not get full off of my breast and I still had to continue supplementing.
    What criteria did you use at this point to decide baby still needed supplements?

    I don't understand why my milk production is decreasing.
    If your breastmilk production is decreasing, it is probably because milk is not being removed from the breasts frequently enough or well enough. But you do not really know that your milk production is decreasing. You only know your pump output is decreasing. This is an entirely different thing.

    You are going down the road many moms have done before-supplementing increasing, breastfeeding decreasing. The two go hand in hand. It can be turned around but it takes being proactive and determined.

    First you have to figure out if your child truly requires supplements.
    Then you have to figure out in what amount supplements are needed, if they are needed.

    So I have a few questions. Please try to answer exactly how I ask them, it really helps me.
    Please give exact weight check history-day of life, and weight. Also note when a different scalewas used.
    How many times per 24 hour day does baby nurse (please give the total number.)
    How many times per 24 hour day is baby given supplements of breastmilk or formula (again, need number)
    How much is in each bottle (assuming you are using bottles) (ounces?)
    How many times a 24 hour day do you pump (total number)
    What kind of a pump and is it new and properly fitted for you.
    Did you ever see an IBCLC or anyone else for these breastfeeding issues?

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    This can be turned around. The answers to LLLMeg's questions will really help us know how to direct you.

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