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    Hello to all mommas in the forum. I have been coming here every now and then for advice but this is the very first time I post. You see, I have a 24 months old boy and we've had a happy BF experience so far. But, 2 or 3 days ago I started experiencing discomfort. First, it was a little pain, but then it got worse and the skin around my nipples begun to crack and it got red and sorta shiny, as if new skin was coming out. What worried me is that it started to itch after I breastfed my baby at night but I made a test and got negative on thrush so I have no idea what it might be...I have also noticed that the pain and the itchiness gets worst at night, when it gets cold over here (the weather is rainy and cold at night, humid and cool at day), when it is warm the discomfort is significantly less.

    Baby's been very understanding, after I explained to him that "chichi", as he calls it, hurts, he has cut down on hist breastfeeding sessions and eating more and has struggled to find positions that hurt me less. He's such a sweetie. But I don't think we're ready to wean yet I really want to continue as long as he needs.

    Anyone has any advice? By the way, I read that marigold oil might help, anyone has any experience with this?

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    What you describe sounds like a yeast (thrush) or bacterial infection. How did you rule out thrush?

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    Sorry it took so long to reply....been kind of busy these days and haven't loggued on. I wasable to rule it out by means of a lab test. That's how I knew it wasn't yeast. But it has gotten weirder these days. The pin passed from being only during the cold weather to hrting all day. And then it got more and more intense until it made breastfeeding a really unpleasant thing to do, especially at night. My breasts got so sensitive that it even hurt to place my bra or to touch the nipple.

    And, some weird symptoms came along...nauseas, headaches, mood swifts, changes in my skin, especially in my face...my period didn't come after being regular for 8 months...it felt like the first trimester of pregnancy. And now it all suddenly stopped yesterday (except the nausea with certain foods).

    Except...it can't be pregnancy becuse I got sterilized...or can it? Do you know if it is posible to be pregnant when you're sterilized? If not, what else could it be?

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    After 4 days of peace, the pain came back last night when my LO nursed. Today, my breasts were inflammated and I could clearly see the cracks and the flesh below the skin. It hrt so much that I told my LO about it while nursing, because I couldn't take it anymore and he actually asked me to forgive him and kissed me alot while saying sorry. I felt so bad because it is not his fault. He tried to resist nursing the rest of the afternoon but couldn't resist at night to go to sleep. I feel so bad, because he feels guilty about it! I don't know what is happening or what to do anymore...could it be posible that the test was wrong? They only passed a sab along the surface of the skin which was dry at the moment, should I go get another test now that s cracked and you can see the flesh?

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    Yeah, I have never heard of there being a test for thrush in the breast. Always thought it was something that you diagnosed from symptoms rather than swabs.

    I'd also want to ask the doc about those symptoms you were experiencing. I mean, pregnancy is possible- the failure rate for female sterilization is something like 1 out of 300-500. It's unlikely but possible, YKWIM? And there are other possible causes, like thyroid issues (which always spring to my mind because I have them and have experienced all the symptoms you list).

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    I went to different doctor today and she found cysts in my ovaries. According to her, that's what's causing everything. I just hope the medicine will work. I feel bad everytime we nurse my LO says sorry when he feels I'm in pain...

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    I was reading a response from Dr. Hale today that was very informative on this. It was actually I theory that I had never heard of before. Here's the link.


    I do not think that Candida grows in the breast, or that 'shiny' nipples are infected with Candida. First, there is no good evidence of this at all. We do have a lot of evidence that it might be infectious Staph Aureus infections. In my study, I was totally unable to culture candida from these "classic" cases, nor was I able to detect evidence of candida growth with beta-1,3 Glucan.

    Thus it is my opinion, that the symptoms you are describing are caused by something else, either staph aureus, or vasospasm of the nipple or ductal tissues. Many other LCs now conclude this is some variant of vasospasm.

    You have to understand that all of the former studies where they found candida on the nipple were flawed in that they used 'dirty' nipples directly out of the mouth of infants. Remember, 80% or more of infants 3 weeks and older have culturable candida in their mouth. Thus these studies were really measuring candida derived from the saliva of their infants mouth.

    In my study, I did a clean catch, following washing with detergent and rinsing with sterile water. The "milk samples" had no culturable candida in these typical "shiny, inflame" nipples.

    So I don't know for sure what is causing these symptoms, but I no longer believe it is candida.

    As for questions, you should have come up and asked me, I was there for two hours afterward.

    Tom Hale Ph.D.

    Tom Hale Ph.d.

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