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Thread: Breastfeeding Challenges with 2 Month Old

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    Default Breastfeeding Challenges with 2 Month Old


    I'm new and I already shared this in my introduction, but wanted to also post in appropriate forum. My son is 10 weeks old and I feel like we're hitting a wall with our breastfeeding routines.

    We had some trouble with latching in the very beginning and the helpful lactation consultant I spoke to suggested the clutch/football position. That seemed to work great for a long time. But I am starting to lose confidence. Philip wants to breastfeed constantly and I know it is often for comfort. He won't take a pacifier and often just plays around while at the breast, which can be painful. I have both the Boppy and the Brest Friend but neither one is high enough for me to not have to hunch over. Unless I have 5 or 6 pillows, I am not comfortable, and it is too much of a process to do this every time so my back is constantly being strained. I often breastfeed in bed for this reason, but my legs are tight and my ankles are sore from being crossed so often.

    Besides this fact, what do I do outside of the home? I never have pillows with me everywhere I go. Plus I can't do the football hold without pillows. So any time I have to breastfeed outside of the house, it's a whole new routine for both of us and I don't think we're very successful, which also makes it take longer, and therefore prolong the discomfort. I am also struggling with babywearing, as my other posts mention, which I know might be a solution if I can figure it out, but I haven't yet.

    I have also noticed that he often turns his head away from his body while feeding. I read that this is not good for him to swallow. I am wondering if he might do it on purpose because he's not actually hungry? Regardless, I don't know how to remedy this all. I feel like we need lots of practice and to try new positions and places to feed, but it's stressful for both of us so I just keep going back to our old standards (which aren't really ideal).

    Any help?

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    Default Re: Breastfeeding Challenges with 2 Month Old

    What other positions have you tried? Similarly to your situation, when I had difficulty latching my oldest, I used the football hold with a pillow for what seems like forever. I was so happy baby was latching and getting milk I tried to ignore my own discomfort. I took the pillow with me-it was called the 'hugster' and it was gigantic-think of a cross between a boppy and a my breast friend. So it CAN be done if actually needed.

    But that was 10 years ago and the thinking on positioning has completely changed. Laid back position aka biological nurturing is much more comfortable for mom, (no more hunching!) secure and relaxing for baby, and seems to help with issues of head turning, and head 'banging' or bopping, as well as arm flailing etc.

    Many moms find that it is a position that takes some fiddling to get, but it is worth it. And yes you CAN do it when out. I would suggest, start off experimenting wiht it on the couch at home but it can be done just fine while sitting in a cafe chair, park bench, or restaurant booth.

    See info:
    Laid back position http://www.llli.org/docs/00000000000...astfeeding.pdf

    Laid back video http://www.biologicalnurturing.com/video/bn3clip.html

    Here are two simple pictorials, you want the one on latch. Notice that the mother is in a “slightly” laid back position, looks like on a couch? This is a very “adjustable” position, play around to find how you and your baby are most comfortable. http://cwgenna.com/quickhelp.html

    This video is not in English but it does not matter. Shows the versatility of laid back nursing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7SZ3zb5OYMA

    hope this helps!

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    Default Re: Breastfeeding Challenges with 2 Month Old

    Thanks so much for the tip. I hadn't heard of this "laid back position" before. I had thought of feeding baby in a similar way once, but didn't know if he could drink while facing downwards. Also, I have large breasts and am always worried I am going to suffocate him in certain positions. I tried this today and it worked pretty well. It was new, so I wasn't totally relaxed, but baby seemed very happy and was perfectly capable of breathing.

    It does seem like this would still be difficult out of the house, as most chairs are designed to sit straight up in, but it's something new we can practice, so that's a start. I think, just as latching took practice, new positions and feeding out of the home will take practice. I have used a bottle with pumped milk in most cases when we are out of our home because of this issue. Yesterday I went to a postpartum wellness circle and was able to nurse him there. It wasn't completely comfortable, but it wasn't impossible. Again, it's a start. Considering how often he eats, I should have plenty of time to practice different positions. I just need to have the patience to try new things. I always feel rushed to get him to the breast when he is fussy.

    Thanks for the info!

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    Default Re: Breastfeeding Challenges with 2 Month Old

    It really does get a lot easier as they get better at holding themselves up and holding themselves in position...plus they are physically bigger so they can kind of rest on your lap rather than you having to hold them up to your breast. In the early days I often had better luck sitting on the floor, either cross legged or with my knees up, leaning against a wall or piece of furniture or whatever I found that was comfortable. I'm not sure why I found it easier than sitting in a chair or couch, but it was better on my back. It wasn't an issue I had with my first baby, who was smallish, but second baby was 9'6'' at birth and just heavy to hold in place.
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