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Thread: Breastfed newborn's bowel movement

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    My 12 day old has only had 2 BMs (post meconium stages) since we've brought her home. Is it normal for a newborn to only have 1 BM a week while breastfed???

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    Well, usually not. We generally expect baby to be having 3 to 5 bowel movements per day by the end of the first week.

    Can you tell us a little more about what you're seeing? How many meconium poops did she have, and when did you see a change in her pattern of bowel movements? How many wet diapers does she have per day? And how many times does she breastfeed in 24 hours?

    I have heard of babies who pooped infrequently right from the beginning and that was normal for them, but since it can be a sign they're not transferring enough milk, it's always a good idea to have it checked out. Have you talked to your baby's doctor about it?

    Here's a good info sheet on how to tell if your baby is getting enough: Is My Breastfed Baby Getting Enough Milk?

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    Don't panic, mama. If this is a breastfeeding issue, it is almost surely solvable. Most breastfeeding issues are. And the reason this forum exists is that nursing problems are common- so if your issue is breastfeeding-related, you'll get a lot of support here and you should always remember that you are not alone!

    I do think that now is a good time to call the pediatrician. Let us know how that conversation goes!

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    Frequent Poops in the newborn time are an indication a breastfed infant is getting enough milk. The other (more accurate) indication of this is weight gain. Typically if a baby is getting enough milk to be gaining normally, in the first several weeks there would typically be 3-5 poops per day (or more.)

    If baby is gaining weight approriately and having enough wet diapers, the poop infrequency you are seeing is probably nothing to worry about. But you do need to make sure some other way that baby is gaining.

    Remember to measure all weight gain from the lowest known weight, not birth weight. Assuming there was a weight dip after birth (there usually is, ) a 12 day old baby would normally be back UP to birth weight or very close.

    Starting after about 6 weeks, less frequent poop patterns are common & not usually a problem at all. But before then, they certainly may indicate a problem. Sometimes doctors tell moms its fine that newborn is not pooping, thinking of the later weeks. So I strongly suggest having baby weighed-if at all possible, on the same scale baby was weighed on previously.
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