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Thread: One side bigger than the other

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    My DD is currently 10 weeks old, she has been EBF. My Left breast is noticeably bigger than my right, this has just happened since nursing, and I know when I pump I get at least 1-2 ounces more on the left than the right. Will this go down? I've tried getting the left to "fill up" if you will by starting and finishing on that side. I know that sometimes it isn't coming fast enough because my DD is sucking and pulling and getting frustrated, so I switch her to the other side. My Left breast has a heavy let down I am guessing because there are times when milk was just squirting out of that side and she chokes and has to pull of. Sometimes I express a little bit of milk first so that she can drink. Sorry this is all over the place, this is my first time nursing and I don't know what's normal and what is not. I guess the biggest thing is the differences in breast size and milk production, will it go back when I wean?

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    It's fairly common to have one breast be a higher producer than the other and it can cause size differences to become more pronounced. I noticed even before nursing that one breast was slightly larger, but it wasn't noticable with clothes on. While nursing it became much more apparent and of course my babies prefered the larger side- either because it fit in their mouth better or because it had more milk, I'm not sure. But the end result was it made that side even MORE of a producer. You can try to minimize the difference by starting nursing sessions on the smaller side, so baby's vigorous sucking that comes at the beginning of a feeding stimulates the smaller side. You can also try pumping a little longer on the smaller side (if you are pumping already- I wouldn't recommend pumping solely for this reason). But ultimately it's only an image issue, it won't harm your nursing relationship for one side to be bigger or preferred. It does go back to normal after weaning, at least mine did.
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    with the PP. Give the less productive, smaller side more stimulation and more milk removal, and it should respond by increasing production. Start by starting more or maybe even all feedings on that side, and add in pumping if nursing alone isn't getting you where you want to be in terms of evening things out. And, conversely, give the overproducing side less stimulation and less milk removal, and it should respond by decreasing supply and decreasing in size.

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