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Thread: 10 w/o suddenly unlatching; engorgement

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    Default 10 w/o suddenly unlatching; engorgement

    Hi. My 10 week old son has been bf on demand since birth. He has eaten all the time (2 hours is a stretch for him), and in the past few days, he suddenly wanted to eat small meals every 30-45 minutes or so. Then yesterday night (so Monday night), he went a full night without a dirty diaper and then had a SUPER dirty diaper in the morning after a lot of fussing.

    All day yesterday he was gassy and seemed to be in pain. He would go long (for him) stretches without eating and then only eat a little bit. Last night, he barely slept. He would wake up grunting and upset so I would bicycle his legs and that always helps. But he ate once before bed (around 12am--he stayed up that late because he was so gassy, and I was so engorged that he couldn't eat; I had to express a lot of milk to get him to eat from one side). Then I think he might have eaten once during the night, but it's a bit blurry because he was up so much so I'm not sure. He ate this morning around (on the opposite side from the 12 am and potential middle of the night feeding). But the side he did not eat on this morning is so full, and I can't express enough to keep it comfortable.

    In addition to these long periods between feedings and then super short sessions, he does not have as many little diapers. Instead he has these huge ones that don't sound bad but get all over the covers. Yesterday he slept so much during the day, and he never woke up ravenous like he usually does after a nap. He was content most of the time, but still would not eat.

    I haven't changed my diet significantly, so I don't know what could be causing this. But I am in a lot of pain, and he seems to be in a lot of pain at some point after he eats. Is this a nursing strike? And how can I avoid problems since I am this engorged? Does anyone have any ideas about what might be going on?

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    Default Re: 10 w/o suddenly unlatching; engorgement

    Sorry-- in my mental fog I titled this post wrong so I reposted it above.

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    Default Re: 10 w/o suddenly unlatching; engorgement

    What's he eating in terms of solids?

    This sort of abrupt change in nursing behavior- and other behaviors- makes me think he might have a tummy bug, or is teething...
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    baby is 10 weeks old, right? I don’t think solids have been introduced -at least, I hope not!

    monbebe, If baby cannot latch due to the breast being too full, you can try reverse pressure softening to help baby latch. See description at end of this article: https://www.llli.org/faq/engorgement.html

    has baby been gaining fine? any other issues?

    Less frequent poops is a normal pattern starting anytime after about 6 weeks of age, and some babies do seem uncomfortable if it’s been a couple days or more. But it is generally considered normal and fine.

    I wonder if you have some overproduction or forceful letdown going on, and baby going longer stretches between nursing sessions has turned that into an issue for baby. IN some cases, this can a cause baby to be unusually gassy and uncomfortable. The best 'cure' is to gently encourage more frequent nursing.

    A 10 week old is probably typically still going to be nursing 8 times a 24 hour day or more, with some short stretches and some long stretches, some short sessions and some long sessions. If it has been awhile since baby has nurses, there is certainly no reason to wait until baby cues. Mom can offer to nurse baby as much as she likes. This includes waking baby to nurse or encouraging baby to nurse in sleep.

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