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Thread: A happy toddler nursing experience in public

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    Smile A happy toddler nursing experience in public

    I had the loveliest experience at the park yesterday with DS22mo. A woman was standing in the sandbox watching her 3-year-old daughter while nursing her infant son in a carrier. At the edge of the sandbox was a woman nursing her 15-month old son. My DS saw the boys nursing and asked to nurse, so we nursed, too.

    The first mother of the infant asked how old DS was. In response to my answer, "22 months", she says, "Oh good! I'm glad I'm not the only one who nurses past 2. I nursed my daughter until I was pregnant with my son."

    I said with a smile, "Yeah, knowing my son and I, we'll probably be nursing when he's 3 or 4."

    She beams back and says, "That's terrific. I love nursing. I wish I could have kept going with my daughter, but it just hurt too much. I'll probably nurse with him forever."

    Isn't that lovely? 3 mothers, all of whom are pro 2-and-beyond nursing, just casually nursing at a park on a warm summer day, waxing on about how great it is to nurse! The children were all so mellow, with sunny, happy baby smiles.

    *Sigh* It makes my heart flutter a little.

    ETA: I should add, I plan to keep nursing DS in public for the foreseeable future. His public nursing manners are good, so we can keep up an older toddler nursing presence in the community to normalize the practice.
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    Default Re: A happy toddler nursing experience in public

    What a lovely story! Thanks for sharing

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    That's wonderful!
    This summer I was nursing LO at a park - she was 15 months at the time. A mom and her two kids came, one a baby, one preschool aged, and the preschooler pointed out LO nursing. A little while later mom was nursing the baby. That made me really happy too. But three toddlers nursing simultaneously - that's unbelievable! I can't recall that I've EVER seen a toddler nursing in public. I think it's great that you are nursing DS and that the other mamas were happily nursing their toddlers too!

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