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Thread: Pumping output decreasing; 8 month old baby

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    Question Pumping output decreasing; 8 month old baby

    Hello all!

    Baby boy is 8 months old. Recently I've noticed my supply dwindling a bit while pumping at work. My little guy is really enjoying his solids now, so I'm wondering if that's why? Here is our sample schedule:

    6:30a - nursing
    8a - solids
    9:30a - bottle of breastmilk (at daycare)
    noon - solids
    1:30p - bottle of breastmilk (at daycare)
    5p - solids
    6:30p - nursing
    10p - dreamfeed
    (perhaps another nighttime nursing session if he wakes up)

    Does this sound like an ok schedule for an 8 1/2 month old?

    I used to pump 14 oz at work, in two pumping sessions. Recently I've been getting 8-9 oz. Little man has also not been finishing his bottles at daycare (I was sending 6.5 oz bottles, he is now only taking about 4 oz).

    Do I need to be concerned? Or is this ok and normal? He's gaining weight appropriately, so that's not a concern. I just want to make sure my supply doesn't diminish completely, as I really want to nurse him up to or past his one year birthday.

    Thank you for any input/advice!

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    Default Re: Pumping output decreasing; 8 month old baby

    I would probably decrease the amount of solids he is getting to see if he will drink more milk. I would offer a bottle (at daycare) or nursing (at home) before offering solids. He is very young to be replacing nursing sessions with solid foods yet. You want milk to make up the majority of his nutrition at least until the age of one- it has things no combination of solids can give him that his growing brain and body need right now. And I do think it has the potential to diminish your supply if he continues to replace nursing/milk with solid foods.

    It's fairly typical for moms to experience a drop in pumping output at this time. You might want to check all your pump parts for wear and tear and maybe replace the disposable parts to be sure you are pumping efficiently. And I'd push nursing when you are together, offer even if he doesn't ask. Definitely before giving solids.
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    Default Re: Pumping output decreasing; 8 month old baby

    I also experienced a dip in supply somewhere around that age. Really between 8 and 12 months. And still, at 14 months, some sessions are better than others.
    Personally, I wouldn't mess with your son's food intake, but that's because I recommend BLW and, in that case, he controls his own intake. Anyway, I was going to say that I think the ups and downs of pumping output at work can be related to many different things, including stress, the natural ups and downs of supply, your body getting accustomed to the pump and it not being as efficient as a baby, etc. Regarding your son's diminished request for milk, that could also be cyclical. The important thing is to follow his lead there.
    As for work, what I did was try to squeeze in an extra session on "bad" days, even if only for 5 minutes. I think it was on Kellymom that I read that more, shorter sessions produce more than fewer, longer sessions. I also pump both breasts, whereas DD nurses only on one, most of the time. Whatever I need to do to get as much as possible for her!

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