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Thread: No milk from one breast when pumping?

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    Default No milk from one breast when pumping?

    I have a three month old son and returned to work last week. Last week I pumped three times a day while at work and had enough expressed milk to make breast milk bottles for him to use during the day.

    This morning I nursed him at 6. Then I pumped at 9:30 and expressed 3 1/2 ounces on the left (normal for me) and NOTHING, not even a drop of milk, from the right. Last week I expressed roughly equal amounts of milk from both breasts. I just pumped again during lunch and the same thing - normal amount from the left, nothing from the right.

    I've readjusted the breast shields, the suction feels normal and the same on both breasts. I am worried because I am not getting enough from the left to feed my baby. Does anyone know what might be going on? Any help/insight would be very appreciated!

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    Default Re: No milk from one breast when pumping?

    Well, your milk does not suddenly dry up, so more likely a pump issue. Even if you can't see/feel a problem, maybe there is a slight crack or tear somewhere that's affecting something. Have you tried changing out membranes? If not that, valves, flanges? Are you using a double electric pump? If so you can try the left setup on the right breast and see if that helps - that would suggest a problem with the right setup.

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    Milk does not suddenly dry up, but I know (from personal experience) that one breast can stop expressing milk if that breast is extremely engorged and/or there are bad plugged ducts. the body still makes milk, it just cannot get out!

    otherwise I would agree, trouble shoot pump or even try a different pump. Try relaxation techniques etc. Try hand expression as well. Consider fennel which helps with letdown issues

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