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Thread: Slippery slope of supplementation

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    My baby girl is 10 days old. On day 5 her pediatrician recommended spplementation due to a 1 lb loss. The vrey same night my nipples became excessively agitated from what I think is an aggssive latch and a yeast infection. I saw a doctor on day six who prescribed a nipple compound with antifungal agents, as well as a lactina pump rental. For the past five days iI have been pumping evry 2 - 3 hours, which has brought my pump volume from .5 oz to a litle over 1 oz per session. My baby is drinking 2 oz every 2 hours. On day seven I started oatmeal, fenugreek and raspberry leaf tea. How can i catch up to my baby in terms of volume? Is there hope to at least exclusively feed breastmilk via bottle, if not return to the breast?

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    Does your baby nurse at all right now, or is baby exclusively bottle fed?

    there are many ways to fix these issues but first it is important to understand the root of the issues-Why baby was not gaining well and why nursing caused you pain & injury. They are in all likelyhood related.

    Are you able to see an IBCLC? That would be the next step, in my opinion. If you have already seen an IBCLC, what is the plan she has given you for getting baby back to the breast?

    Meanwhile, if your baby is not nursing at all, it is very important that you try to pump AT LEAST 8 times a 24 hour day, 10 if you possibly can. It need not be every such and such hours. Babies do not normally nurse that way so no reason to pump that way. You can try Adding hand expression & breast compressions to your pumping to help up volume, but it is the frequency that is vital at this age when you are building milk production.

    Even a good pump will not work right if the flange fit is not right.

    Herbal galactagogues can be targeted if you know what specific issues you are facing. For more info, I strongly suggest the book Making More Milk or you can check out the articles on milk production and galactagogues on www.kellymom.com.

    it is VERY early days, so there is a good chance you cna get this turned around. Meanwhile please know that Any amount of milk your baby gets is important, health wise. I know you are working really hard. What support do you have at home? Any LLL or local breastfeeding support in your area?
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    Is there any reason the baby isn't nursing? I mean, is she refusing? It's usually possible to supplement while nursing- you can use an at-the-breast supplementer (e.g. Lact-Aid, Supplemental Nursing System) or a bottle, cup, syringe, etc.

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