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Thread: 2 latch questions

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    Thanks all. I have appointment today with LC I saw with #1. I did spend about 1K on getting breastfeeding started with #1 and assumed #2 would be easy! Today's LC, we'll call her Meg, is worth every penny. #1 LC this time (We will call her NewLC b/c she's new to the work) was a complete waste of money and that's the part i hate. I did put husband in charge of insurance reimbursement since I get to feel the pain.

    I gave myself a nursing break yesterday (about 10 hours) to see my supply dwindle during the day so picked up nursing in the late afternoon. Baby was SO Happy to return to nursing and my breasts filled right back up. The latches last night were ok but I am experiencing pain in my nipple AND entire breast after nursing which is obviously not normal. The breasts look fine to me otherwise. I am so glad that I have this appointment. Depending on how my lower-half feels, I will try to make both LLL meetings near my house this week too. I could use some support but it's embrassing the pain that shows on my face when I latch and the amount of latching and de-latching that I have to do.

    Oh, also, I am doing the foodball hold exclusively and hooking baby from down below so thanks again for those links.HELPFUL!

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    Did you happen to have a course of antibiotics during or after your birth?

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    Hey all: Another update.

    I did not have antibiotics at or after birth. I had no drugs. Saw the good LC I saw last time. She showed me how to lay-back nurse. I never would have figured that out on my own b/c my baby will latch on to the nipple real quickly if I"m not careful.

    I'm still in a lot of pain but FAR less than before seeing Meg the "Good LC". She found a tiny tongue tie and I will discuss possible correction with pediatrician at Friday's visit.

    I am still pumping a little but only to soften the breasts b/c mine tend towards hardness and that makes latching more difficult. I don't have a traditional nipple either. It's hard to explain. Good LC Meg explained that my anatomy is a bit tricky and that the baby's tongue tie is also hard to see and very mild so first LC might not be bad...just less experienced.

    anyway, totally worth the time and money. I have a follow-up consult on Friday with her after the pediatrician visit.

    The one thing I can't quite bring myself to do is comfort nurse. All of my breast tissue hurts and so I"m cutting off nursing after active nursing is done. That said, I do give three good nursing sessions to baby in one hour and at LC's baby transfered 3 oz in 5 minutes and .5 oz in another 10 minutes. She's a super fast transferer and is gaining so I am grateful for that. I am using heat for vaso...spasms? I don't think it helps much though.

    I wish we could get through this pain b/c I do want to nurse and be "good" at it. Thanks for the links and support.

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