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    My DD (12 weeks) is on a bit of a nursing strike right now. She still BF for 2 morning feeds, but most of the day she is refusing... My supply literally just dropped over night it felt so I rented a hospital medela pump (which i have used before to increase supply and saw results in a few days)... This time it's COMPLETELY different! Because she is barely nursing I'm treating it as I am EPing and pumping every 2-3 hours and one or 2 pumps during the night. I also pump after she feeds. Not only is my supply NOT increasing AT ALL (Only yielding, if I'm lucky, 1.5-2oz from my left and 1/2-1oz from my right)... Last time I was pumping to build supply I was able to get 4-6oz from both in 10-15 mins but this time nothing is changing. Well, it's actually getting worse. I sometimes down even have a let down when I pump! And then when I do it's weaker than it used to be (especially in my right) and doesn't last more than a couple minutes. The rest of the time I'm doing breast compressions, massaging, anything to try to stimulate another let down but I never get a second even when I pump for 45 minutes!!!

    I'm just really worried as this is so bizarre considering I have been here before building my supply with the same pump and I'm not responding to it this time!!!
    Please any advice!!?? Also, I make sure to relax, think about my baby - look at videos or pics etc but it doesn't make a difference, I still don't always let down. And I KNOW there is milk in there because they don't feel really soft like they do after they've been drained. I've tried power pumping 2 nights in a row for 2 hours and that also did not make a difference. i'm not doing anything different to last time, however I must be doing something wrong for me to just not respond at all! I feel that maybe the reason I'm not seeing an improvement in my supply is because I'm not fully draining my breasts. I'm also drinking mothers milk tea, taking mothers milk special blend, taking fenugreek, drinking lots of water and eating really well...

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    Is it possible the pump you rented is somehow malfunctioning? If you feel like something with this pump is different, and you've used this kind of pump before, maybe your rental is just not working right. Can you bring it back and swap for another? Honestly, if your breasts feel full even after you've pumped, that would be my first thought.
    Apologies for the short responses! I'm usually responding one-handed on my smartphone!

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