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Thread: nipple shields and low supply

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    Hello there. I am a first time mom and my baby boy is 1 week old today. I am desperate to breast feed him, but we are not being very successful. While I was at the hospital the labor and delivery nurse was very insistent that I use a nipple shield. I knew in my gut that I should not, but I trusted her more than myself as far as knowing what is best. Now baby will not, and I mean will not latch without a shield, and to top it all off now my milk supply is decreasing. While I was at the hospital I could pump anywhere from an ounce to 3 ounces After each feeding. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I feel like he is starving. I do not want to cave and go the formula route. PLEASE HELP!

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    Hi and welcome to the forum. First let me assure you that many moms have been able to wean thier baby off needing nipple shields. Even if you are nursing with sheilds, that is STILL "succesfully" nursing your baby. Baby is nursing at the breast. this is good. Yes I know (personally) what a pain nipple sheilds can be, but your baby is only a week old-if baby cannot nurse without a shield, thier use is approprate, while you figure out how to get a better latch. Also, not being able to pump as much as you did previously does not mean anything as far as milk production goes. I am amazed you pumped 3 ounces in the hospital! This would be extreemly high output for a post nursing pump session at anypoint, let alone in the early days.

    So I have some questions just to get a better idea of what is going on.
    )Was birth vaginal or c-section? Any meds/epidural?
    )Any complications for you or baby?
    )WHY did the nurse insist on baby using a shiled? Do you have any idea?
    )How long were you and baby in the hospital?
    ) please give any weight check history with weight number and day of life.
    ) how many times a day does baby poop and what does it look like
    ) is baby exclusively breastfed?
    ) if not, what is baby being supplemented with and in what amount and how many times a day does baby get in supplemental feedings?
    ) How many times in 24 hours does baby nurse
    )How many times in 24 hour day do you pump
    )Does pumping or nursing hurt you at all?
    )Are you experiencing engorgement?
    )What kind of a pump are you using
    )does your health coverage include seeing an IBCLC (Certified lactation Consultant?)

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