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Thread: Help - Dairy allergy in 6 month old?

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    Default Help - Dairy allergy in 6 month old?

    My 6.5 month old has come out in red patches on hi face after touching / eating:

    Mash potato
    Porridge (made with semi skimmed milk)
    Yeo valley organic yogurt
    Formula (trying to get him to take but he wouldn't but touched his lips)

    Up until 2 weeks ago he's been EBF and now I'm just starting BLW alongside breastfeeding

    Could this be a milk / dairy allergy?? :-x

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    Default Re: Help - Dairy allergy in 6 month old?

    Certainly could be an allergy. Did baby get all those different foods in one day, or was this over a period of several days?

    One thing you can do, when an allergy is suspected, is to offer single ingredient foods and to offer the same single ingredient food for several days in a row. If you get through 3-4 days with no signs of an allergy, you can consider that ingredient safe and move on to the next food.

    If it were me, I would definitely take dairy out of the mix for now. That means no formula, no yogurt, and no skimmed milk. Especially no skimmed milk. The dairy proteins in formula and yogurt are, to some greater or lesser extent, broken down by processing and are therefore less likely to cause allergic reactions. The proteins in cow's milk, on the other hand, are in no way broken down and are more likely to cause issues. In the US- I'm thinking you're in the UK?- the recommendation is that cow's milk not be offered until 12 months.

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