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Thread: Fussing on right side only

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    Default Fussing on right side only

    My 8 week old has recently started popping on and off and fussing almost the entire time he is on my right side. This side has always had a better supply than the left, even with my first son. For the first month or so, he always seemed to prefer the right side; I assume because of the more plentiful supply. But now, the right side has become very stressful for both of us!

    I only nurse one breast per feeding, as that has always been enough to satisfy him. I definitely make PLENTY of milk. At 6 weeks, he had gained 7 lbs from his birth weight, so he's getting enough, for sure. I just want to figure out how I can stop dreading every other feeding, when it's time to offer the right breast.

    Any help/advice is welcome!

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    Default Re: Fussing on right side only

    Have you considered if the flow is a bit fast for baby on the right side? (forceful letdown?)

    What if you start with the left through one letdown, and then let baby take the right when the flow is (hopefully) less fast?

    But there are many ways to help baby handle a fast slow or reduce the rate of flow. Nursing "laid back" with baby on top, nursing frequently, taking baby off after sucking triggers a letdown and letting that first rush go into a cloth.

    another thing that can casue fussiness on one side is positioning, so you can try different positions?

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