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Thread: LO pulls away and stretches nipple while nursing

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    Default LO pulls away and stretches nipple while nursing

    My 7-month has started latching on to only my nipple area and pulling/stretching it while nursing. She started doing this at about 6-months, her latch went back to normal, but now she's doing it again. She also puts her hand on me and pushes away while she's still latched on. Sometimes this breaks her latch and she gets upset but then she does the same thing again. Does this have something to do with teething? Any advice on how to correct it? I try breaking her latch then offering more of the breast but she just keeps doing the same thing.

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    Default Re: LO pulls away and stretches nipple while nursing

    When my babies have done this I try switching sides and different nursing positions. Breast compressions may help because I think sometimes babies do this as a kneading behavior to try to get a faster flow. Other times it may be due to distraction (or just because they can.) I suppose teething might have somethign to do with it. Many babies do this kind of thing at one time or another, so teething is as good an explanation as any.

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    Default Re: LO pulls away and stretches nipple while nursing

    Mine went through a phase of doing this exact behavior -- latching on, pulling back, using his palm on my breast for extra leverage. Drove me bonkers. "Hey kid, it's not like it's attached or anything." I don't know why he did it -- maybe teething, maybe distraction, maybe just for fun as a new sensation. I think I just popped him off and relatched him. If he did it repeatedly, it seemed to signal his hunger was sated and he was just messing around ... and I could end the nursing session and move on to some other fun play. I did talk to him about it as he was doing it ("That hurts mama, nurse gentle please") -- I think their language comprehension starts much younger than we realize. He did outgrow it and it didn't last long.

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