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    Is it possible for me to have Thrush if my infant shows no signs of it? I'm about 5 weeks pp and all was going well for a bit, after a rocky start. Now my nipples are really sore, a little red and I get this burning/itching feeling deep within my breast after feeding. It's mostly under my breast and it continues to hurt on and off in between feedings. When he latches, it hurts really bad at first but usually subsides after. I don't know if this is just a bad latch problem or what.

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    I had thrush twice and my daughter never showed any signs of it. Wow, I do remember it being very painful. The topical perscription that my doctor gave me helped immediately and to stop it from coming back I had to do a few things.

    There are a lot of resources online to look into natural ways of clearing it up. I learned that I needed to stop wearing my nursing bras for days on end with out washing them. I also had to stop eating sugar (WOW - that was huge for me!!). Though the sugar thing was only short term, it seemed to help.

    Hope that helps.

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    I'm sooo sorry to hear about the trush!!! I'm currently dealing with the same thing!!!

    In the beginning I had no isea what was going on.. I didn't even know you could get thrush on you nipples.. I was having soo much trouble with latching on, pain, sore nipples, cracked nipples.. the list goes on and on! but what changed everything was when my Nipples turned red..I though it was normal (yea go figure) that DS just had a stong suck.. but it continied for ever! then I started getting sharp breast pain after feedings!!! so I knew there was something wrong.. I also had noticed that DS Had white patched on his tongue.. (big UH OH..) and I had them on one nipple ( great.. just great lol)

    Anyways.. Here is what I learned like pp; 1. I stoped wearing the disposable nursing pads with plastic.. or any nursing pad.. or bra.. lol I just wear tanks that have built in bras.. I have a bunch of them and I just wear one for ONE day and then move on to the other..2. I started to exclusively pump untill it clears up.. DS gets EBM through a bottle ( DS is 7 weeks now) and is doing fine. 3. I'm taking Acidophilus supplement.. and giving DS it as well in powder form... Both of us are doing better.. :-) also stay on top of the dosage of his meds! it should clear up soon!


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