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Thread: Help low milk supply dont know what to do

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    Default Help low milk supply dont know what to do

    Hii everyone ,

    I have been having trouble lately as far as producing enough milk. My baby has been getting milk but in small amounts. My breasts were always filled with milk and my bra would be really full. As of now my bra is loose and there seems as if there is hardly any milk in them although my baby does seem to be getting milk out.... I have tried fenugreek, spinach, cabbage all of the usual things that normally help me produce milk none of it seems to work?... Any suggestions i would REALLLY APPRECIATE IT,

    Desperate to continue breast feeding

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    Default Re: Help low milk supply dont know what to do

    Welcome to the forum!

    Questions for you:
    - How old is your baby?
    - How has baby's weight gain been?
    - Wet and poopy diaper output- what are you seeing in a 24 hour period?
    - Is baby being fed on demand, or on a schedule?
    - How does nursing feel- is it comfortable, or are you having pain?
    - Have you recently started hormonal contraception (including Mirena)?

    Based on your post, I wouldn't freak out just yet. I suspect that you may be mistaking normal supply for low supply- this happens to a lot of moms when they switch from overproduction mode to producing just the right amount. When that adjustment takes place, a lot of women notice that they no longer feel full, yet they continue to make enough milk for their babies.

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    Default Re: Help low milk supply dont know what to do

    I agree with mommal... It sounds like you may have reached the stage where your milk supply has regulated to meet your baby's needs. There's a good post here about changes that feel like signs of low supply but are actually totally normal:

    Low Milk Supply False Alarms!!

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