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Thread: Distracted nurser = only nursing to sleep

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    Default Distracted nurser = only nursing to sleep

    My LO is almost 5 months. He's a great nurser unless he's distracted. This means, I need to nurse him in his room in the dark in the rocking chair.

    This would be fine except that I have a 2 year old who can't be left alone for extended periods of time. He comes up with me to get LO, but then LO wants to watch brother instead of nurse.

    This causes me to HAVE to nurse him to sleep b/c he's hungry and sleepy - so he doesn't get as distracted.

    It's not such a bad thing that he nurses to sleep, but we're also struggling to be out of the house. He won't nurse for any decent amount of time to get enough. That makes for a hungry baby, etc.

    Do I just expect that if he's hungry enough, he'll eat? Other suggestions? I've tried a nursing necklace. He fiddles but still jerks his head back to watch whoever is in the room.

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    Default Re: Distracted nurser = only nursing to sleep

    This is so tough, mama! I think it's one of the biggest challenges in life, actually, for me at least. It's probably the single thing I'm most proud of being successful at. My baby is 9 months this week, and we had the exact same issue.

    So here's my take:

    No, you should not assume he'll eat if he's hungry. At least, not at 5 months IMO. That's the height of distractability, at least it was for us. At 9 months it's getting better, we've actually been able to nurse in the living room while being sat on by my 3 year old, lol. Most times though, that doesn't work, and my baby has even bitten me once out of frustration in a situation where her sister is just all over us when she's trying to eat. Took her to a quiet room and she nursed just fine.

    When baby wasn't eating on the go, we stayed home. Now she will eat out and about, it's totally your call but if your baby is super distractable, that may or may not disappear when hunger strikes. It will probably just make baby really irritable.

    It's a sacrifice. There is just no way you can be there for both of them at the same time. Somehow, can you set up an activity for the 2 year old? How about an educational TV show or special show for just when baby needs to nurse to sleep? How about play dough set up at a small table? How about music on an ipod? We have special little headphones for volume control. How about teach the 2 yr old to use a tablet or nook if you have one? I use all of these things every. single. day. My then 2 yr old did not eat play dough, so she always did that one in the high chair which gave extra assurance that she wouldn't make a huge mess.

    Is there anyone who can help you out for a few hours/week? I don't have anyone, but man that would have been great!

    I hope it gets better for you, I have cried many tears while feeling torn between my 3 year old's needs and my baby's needs.
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    Default Re: Distracted nurser = only nursing to sleep

    Have you tried to nurse in a wrap? That helped us with distractability, and maybe it will help shield the baby from sibling.

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