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Thread: Too much water not good?

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    Default Too much water not good?

    Trying to increase supply and drinking to thirst (which means maybe two large glasses every 3-4 hours). I heard that too much water is bad, though. How much is enough to produce enough milk for a 3 mo? I weigh around 175.
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    Default Re: Too much water not good?

    You generally just want to drink to thirst, no more no less. Drinking too much water isn't going to hurt your supply necessarily, unless you are making yourself sick on it.
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    Default Re: Too much water not good?

    I agree. Unless you're drinking so muchthat you've thrown your electrolyte balance seriously out of whack, I don't think you can harm your supply that way. Drink to thirst always. For me that was quite a bit more than usual especially in the early months of nursing. Now, eating too few calories could possibly affect supply. How are you there?

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    You don't need to worry too much about drinking water as long as you're drinking to thirst and not dehydrated. There was a study where moms who were forcing fluids had a slight decrease in milk supply, but that was just one study. Others have shown no statistically significant difference between drinking extra water and just drinking to thirst.

    Calorie intake only affects supply if you're eating a severely restricted-calorie diet... I believe the number was something like 1600 calories or less per day.

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