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Thread: Normal Postpartum Hair Loss Prolonged by BFing?

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    Default Re: Normal Postpartum Hair Loss Prolonged by BFing?

    giuseppesmom, may I have your permission to share your experience with some other LLL Leaders and Lactation Consultants I know to see what they know about this? It makes absolutely no sense to me that breastfeeding, a biologically normal activity as normal as pregnancy and birth, would alone be the root cause of extreme hair loss and balding patches! I looked it up in the breastfeeding text book Breastfeeding Answers Made Simple but could find no reference to hair loss. Let me know. It might help if I knew what, specifically, you were tested for, if you do not want to get into it on the forum you can PM me.
    Thank you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*connectikate View Post
    I know that hair loss postpartum is normal. My baby is 9 months and I am still losing hair like crazy. My ponytail is seriously deflated with all the missing strands. I don't remember this type of hair loss with my first child, but she also didn't nurse as well or as long as my son. Does breastfeeding prolong the hair loss phase at all, or do I need to visit my doctor to check and see if something else is wrong?

    Thank you for weighing in!
    Hair loss during or after pregnancy is very common. This is due to the hormonal changes. I have gone through the same problem. I was left with very little hair. My profession require social interactions so I was suggested for Tape Extensions. This helped me preserve my look.

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    Default Re: Normal Postpartum Hair Loss Prolonged by BFing?

    This doctor has done some good research on how nutrition can help hair loss http://www.susanbiali.com/health-and...hair-loss.html
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    I think, It is normal at this stage. Based upon the certain reason, It will be happening. Sometimes, It will be more hair loss. Better to consult the doctor to know whether it is normal or not for this stage.

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    Not strictly bf related, but if your thyroid was enlarged did they test for antibodies? It's also worth an ask as to what normal range they use for TSH as this varies country to country...

    An enlarged thyroid can mean it's starting to malfunction which can give you hypothyroid symptoms while your blood tests are clinically normal. (Again this can depend on where in the world you are).

    I personally would ask for further examination into why your thyroid is enlarged/ ask for a referral to an endocrinologist.

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    While pregnancy the hormones a woman produce help her to keep hair but after giving birth the hair tends to fall out it could be months line down. I don't think its anything to worry about, its all the joys of mother hood. You only need to worry if the amount is very huge of hair fall. But it would be good if you once take advice from your doctor.
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