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Thread: LO vomit and skin is cold

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    Default LO vomit and skin is cold

    my LO is EBF since birth and now she's 8 weeks i tried giving her formula since i am about to start working but after few hours she cried and her skin become cold, when i hold her she started throwing up, immediately she closed her eyes which really scared me.
    was the formula could be the main reason for her stomach upset?

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    Default Re: LO vomit and skin is cold

    The formula could be the reason for her upset tummy. But it could also be something else, like a virus. There's no way to tell for sure without trying the formula again at a later date, and seeing if the reaction is the same.

    Is pumping at work possible for you?

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    Default Re: LO vomit and skin is cold

    I suggest consult your doctor.
    Your baby may be ill, I have no idea what would make her skin turn cold. Certainly formula violently disagrees with some babies, it is also possible baby ate too much with the bottle, a common issue.
    And I agree with mommal. Why does baby need formula, will you not be able to pump or hand express at work?

    here are tips for bottle feeding breastfed baby - http://www.llli.org/docs/00000000000...astfedbaby.pdf

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