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Thread: cluster feeding/throwing up

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    Hello! I'm new here and looking for some advice. My daughter is 5, close to 6 weeks old. She has been a great nurser from birth and is gaining weight steadily. Around 2 weeks she began throwing up, never more than once a day but every other day or every day. Throwing up A LOT, not just spit up, not projectile vomiting. I spoke with her pediatrician and they suggested not feeding her as much, not really a suggestion I was thrilled with because I've been nursing on demand and don't want to cut her short. Other than that, they said not to worry because she is gaining weight well and doesn't seem upset due to the vomiting.

    The past two days, I believe she has started her 6 week growth spurt because she's been increasingly fussy, sleeping more during the day, and eating more often. She has also been comfort nursing a lot more, will fall asleep on the breast, comfort nursing multiple times a day. I don't mind allowing her to do this but my problem is this, she is throwing up more, once a day everyday. I believe she is over eating during her cluster feeding/comfort nursing sessions.

    We have chosen not to use pacifiers so I'm wondering what I should do, allow her to constantly nurse and deal with the daily vomiting or not feed her as much and deal with her crying, fussing and looking for the breast. Any advice would be great. Thanks!!

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    Without knowing more about how you are defining throwing up vs. Spit up, I would alos suspect this is nothing to worry about. When does the vomiting happen?

    If it is due to overeating, your baby is dealing with that natures way-she is getting the excess milk out of her tummy.

    My oldest did occasional massive, forceful spitups (plus lots of small ones.) It was due to forceful letdown. Feeding less frequently actually makes forceful letdown worse, so if that is the problem, feeding less often is not going to help. Instead, keep nursing as often as baby likes. Other things that help are: Nursing with baby more on top of you, and/or, with head above tummy, holding baby upright after nursing, and feeding on one side at a time.

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    She spits up occasionally but when she throws up its a lot, covers her and I completely and she usually has 2-3 rounds, throwing up more each time. I do try reclined and elevated nursing as I suspect overactive letdown as well. I only ever feed on one side at a time because she usually is done in 5 minutes or less on one side. The past 2 days though she has been nursing for longer (mostly comfort nursing) and I've been switching sides. Thanks for the help!

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    Ugh that does sound extreme! Yes that is similar to my son in volume, but not the multiple rounds. yuck. Besides multiple spare outfits for baby, I always carried an extra shirt with me, but of course that was no help when my pants got it too!

    Since it appears this is not hurting baby, I still think it is probably ok, however, if you keep trying things to help with the issue and it does not go away, or gets worse, or your instincts are telling you something is wrong, i would suggest talk to your doctor again.

    Since it is occasional, you might want to try keeping a food diary for a week to see if there is any correlation to something you are eating. I seriously would doubt that was the problem but it's possible.

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    with LLLMeg. As long as the spit-up isn't causing pain and weight gain remains normal, then you treat this as a laundry issue. If baby isn't gaining weight or seems in pain, then it's a health concern and you take her in to the doctor.

    Does the spit-up/vomit tend to happen at any particular time of day? Maybe after the first a.m. feeding? Or maybe late in the afternoon/evening, after a bout of cluster nursing?
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    From my experience with my son, he also ate from only 1 breast per nursing session. It took me a while to make the connection that when we was comfort nursing and I switched sides he would suck down a bunch more milk then spit it all back up.

    If your daughter just wants to comfort nurse, but you switch to a new breast, your overactive let down might make it hard for her to avoid eat more than she really intended. I would keep nursing her on one side only, and watch for clear signs of fussiness before offering the second breast.
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