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Thread: Time to Start Solids?

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    I'm a FTM with a 11mo old daughter whom I've exclusively breastfed since she was born, and I plan to continue to EBF until she is a year old. My husband and I love that she's getting the best possible food for her, and have really enjoyed our first year of breastfeeding. We plan to BF for the next few years to come, until DD no longer wants to or needs to.

    I'm not sure if it's her natural curiosity or a desire to start solids, but sometimes she does seem interested in us when we eat and reaches towards our food. I know she's certainly old enough to start solids, and I don't want to deny her solids if she's becoming interested in them. And I know she will have to start eventually. My midwife told me that around 12 months is when babies want to be part of meals, etc. But I really like how simple and easy BF is, as well as the fact that BM is so incredibly healthful-- I want to prolong the goodness of EBF as long as I can.

    Is there an age/time when BM alone is insufficient nourishment? When do I absolutely have to start feeding her solid foods?

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    I thought by 12 months the baby's iron reserves are running low so they need to start eating food to rebuild/maintain it. If she's interested I guess I would let her start exploring solids now!
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    I think it's time to start. Most babies exhibit all the signs of readiness for solids (e.g. sitting unsupported, interest in food, developing pincer grasp) around the 6 month mark. And while breastmilk alone generally provides sufficient nutrition until around the 12 month mark, solids often start to become an important component of the baby's diet well before a year. Finally, solids are fun! Really, that's what they are designed for until a year- for the baby to have fun with new tastes, textures, and motor skills. At this point, I would sit her in her high chair with a small amount of solid food in front of her, and let her experiment with it- touching it, picking it up, tasting it, eating it, dropping it... Don't think of solids as something that will replace breastmilk in your baby's diet, since solids typically don't start replacing milk until at least the middle of the first year, when the baby is being fed on demand. Just think of solids as a fun new game, and an educational experience that your child is clearly ready to have.

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    I agree with mommal. Adding solids in to her diet isn't going to make your breastmilk any less healthy for her, it's just something new in addition. I say go for it, she sounds ready to me.
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    Agree with the PPs, and will also add this. Often one of the arguments for delayed solids introduction (i.e. not before 6 months) is about listening to your baby / taking cues from your baby / letting baby tell you what she wants and when she wants it. Usually the rationale is that we need to pay better attention to the cues that our baby is NOT ready, instead of spooning food into their mouths because they reached an arbitrary age. Well, the same argument applies to the reverse. In this case, your baby is giving you cues and telling you what she does wants and what she is ready for, and you're attuned to her so you're hearing what she's communicating to you. So I would follow her lead!

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    I am curious where the idea to not even offer solids prior to a year to breastfed babies is coming from. I have been seeing/hearing this idea more and more lately. Is there a book, pediatrician, or website promoting this idea?

    LLL suggests solids be introduced into baby's diet when baby shows signs of readiness, and that that typically happens 'around the middle of the first year.'

    You certainly do not have to go the spoon feeding/purees/rice cerial route. Have you read up on "baby led weaning" (which means, baby led introduction of solids, not weaning from the breast.) Baby can start solids with small bits or spears of softened (cooked) or naturally soft healthy, whole (not processed) foods from your own family diet.

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    I incorporated baby food at 4 months old. He loved it for two months (as well as continuing to breast feed) then around 6 months he wanted nothing to do with baby food anymore. I tried giving him puffs and mashed up table food, but he had a hard time learning and gagged a lot which got me very scared. So, I backed off for a few weeks and continued to EBF. Now, he breast feeds 98% of the day and he loves eating those dissolvable puffs and he likes to feed himself so I make him mashed potatoes and mashed carrots, or peas, or pieces of soft mushy fruits. It's more for him to explore and "learn how to eat" because he is still getting all of his nutrition and calories from my breast milk. He is 10 months old. He also has a dairy and soy allergy so I can't give him a lot of certain foods. I say give it a try your baby knows what he/she wants, my son still makes it very clear he wants my BM over any table food. I also plan on BF for many years (god willing.) Good luck!

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