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Thread: Please help! We're getting derailed!

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    Default Please help! We're getting derailed!

    Hi! We are 4 weeks post tongue tie release. About a week ago, DD finally started latching (not well, but at least something) and nursing. By last Friday, she did 3.5 ounces from the breast! Yay! But the past few days have started to be difficult - she's constantly pulling off and latching even more poorly.

    I am supplementing with pumped milk still (maybe 1.5 - 2 ounces after some bf session, about 3 times a day). Her diapers aren't as wet as I'd like them to be without supplementing.

    Some of her pulling off seems to be related to let down, but then again, not always. She just seems mad whether the milk is flowing or not. Position changes don't seem to make a difference.

    Will she eventually get hungry enough to just go ahead and eat? Should I give her pumped milk in a bottle in the meantime? I don't want to jeopardize her health - I've been through a failure to thrive (it was quite serious) in the past where I tried to eliminate bottles and force my DS onto the breast and it did not end well. Long story short, he ended up having special needs and could not eat by mouth, so I nearly starved him to death.

    DD does not have special needs, and we have come so far that I'd really like to make this work! Suggestions?

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    I forget-is baby about 2 months old now?

    How many times in 24 hours does baby nurse?

    How often does baby poop these days?

    Her diapers aren't as wet as I'd like them to be without supplementing.
    Is baby gaining normally or not? Wets can be very hard to quantify depending on type of diaper. A baby who is capable of getting 3.5 ounces-a large feeding- at one feeding, presumably would be able to get enough at every feeding-unless that session was done when your milk was flowing very strongly or something?
    As you have experienced, forcing a baby to nurse is not usually helpful. If your baby is truly unable to get enough milk via nursing, (baby is not gainning normally when breastfed) then of course the next step is to pump and supplement as needed. But that would mean something is still wrong with breastfeeding and requires fixing.

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    Default Re: Please help! We're getting derailed!

    What a difference a couple days make! I think DD's pulling off mostly had to do with me trying to get her to eat when she wasn't ready. We're on our second day w/o bottles and I think she's doing fine. She didn't gain any weight last week, but our lc thinks that's ok, given the transition off the bottle/breast combo to exclusive bf. She didn't lose any weight, at least!

    We have a well-check today, and will see if her weight is on track overall since birth. She seems pretty happy, so I think we've turned the corner.

    I really wasn't sure we'd make it to exclusive bf, but at 9 1/2 weeks, here we are! I'm pretty excited, because we had such a rough start and didn't get any milk transfer at the breast until about two weeks or so ago. Yay! I guess it can be done!

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    sounds good! please keep us posted!

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