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Thread: Sleepy newborn

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    Sorry to start another thread about NB sleeping....

    My little girl (3 weeks tomorrow) is a sleepy newborn, both at night and during the day. She nurses (demands or I wake her if she is sleeping, which is often) every 1.5 to 2 hours from morning (6 or 7am) until evening (7 pm or so) and then nurses non-stop till 10 or 11, with 10 to 15 minute breaks in there (my husband holds her while I either rest or tend to our toddler). After that, she is nearly impossible to wake till the morning. It is safe to say that she has never once woken me at night to nurse, I wake her. She is a good day nurser, but very lazy at night. I spend a lot of time waking and re-latching her.

    Her birth weight was 8.14 and she went down to 7.14 by her first well visit. She gained 5 ounces from week one to week two and we are going back for her one month next week. Most of our well visits are with the staff NP/IBCLC, who we love. She said to let no more than one four stretch go at night if she nurses at least 10 times otherwise. So I am doing that.

    My question is, what about outside of that at night? After I nurse her at 10pm for example, I get her up at 2am and she nurses. I don't want to let her go another four hours, so I get her up again at 5am. Is this ok? After that, she is typically awake and we are back at 1.5 to 2 until she cluster feeds. She has held this pattern since she came home from the hospital, though the first week I nursed her more at night.

    While this sleeping thing is nice and I am sure it will change soon, I don't want to mess her weight gain as she is not back at her birth weight yet. If it helps, she sleeps next to me in a co-sleeper.

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    I think that with a baby who has it yet reached birthweight by 2-3 weeks, it's a good idea to be proactive and wake her a little more frequently than she otherwise would, particularly if she is a "good" sleeper who will happily go hours and oh ours without nursing. There's nothing wrong, and everything right, with cramming some extra feedings into the day.

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