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    Recently my baby has stopped latching properly and my breasts are becoming blocked, lumpy an very sore, I started to breast feed him at 6 weeksand he seemed to be latching well then, he's 9wks now and when i'm nursing him he wont open his mouth wide enough an seems to get frustrated after a few minutes an starts to struggle,its getting really hard to nurse him as we've both had thrush for 2wks and i'm already in a fair bit of pain because of this, cud the thrush be effecting my babies latch or cud he of lost the reflex to open up his mouth? he is also very difficult to wind and is starting to scream in pain and go red in the face when i'm winding him, i dont think he has colic tho as he mainly seems to be distressed during winding an when hungry an doesn't cry for hours in the evenings. please can somebody offer some advice this whole thing is making me miserable,i was enjoying breast feeding an am going to persevere but now its so draining an painfull for me an frustrating for him.

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    Welcome to the forum!

    It sounds like you have a lot of different things going on. First, the lumpiness- that sounds like plugged ducts or engorgement. Is the lumpiness worsening, or does it improve after baby nurses? And are you doing any pumping in addition to nursing? If so, how much milk are you getting and how often are you pumping?

    Not opening wide and getting frustrated after a few minutes of nursing- that could be due to the thrush, since thrush can make baby's mouth uncomfortable and that can lead to nursing issues. But it also sounds like fast letdowns, which might match well with the fullness/engorgement/plugs you're experiencing. Can you describe what baby is doing a bit more thoroughly? If he pulls off the breast, what do you observe? Is he not opening his mouth wide at all, or does he initially latch well and then slip back into a shallow latch?

    Being difficult to wind doesn't necessarily mean anything. Many breastfed babies do not require any windi at all- I never bothered with my babies. What would happen if you didn't bother with the winding routine?

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