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Thread: Help! Overactive letdown = screaming at breast

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    Default Help! Overactive letdown = screaming at breast

    I have an overactive letdown, which sometimes is accompanied by an oversupply, and sometimes not. My son is almost 12 weeks old and while it has caused some issues, we have been doing pretty well.

    Last night I nursed him before I went to sleep at 10 and he slept until 5! Yippee!! Except that when I tried to nurse him when he started showing hunger cues 2 hours later he screamed at my letdown because I was a little full. I didn't push it and waited a little longer, and by 3.5 hours later (he's been nursing every 2 hours or less this last week) he screamed through the whole nursing, but he did nurse and then fell asleep... Meanwhile my other breast is getting engorged...

    I've tried changing my position (leaning back, side lying) and don't want to pump as my body needs no encouragement to make more milk... No idea what else I can do and we are going on a big trip in a month and I'm terrified of this happening on the trip...

    My daughter, who had severe reflux (son does not) started to refuse to nurse around now, so this kind of thing always gives me anxiety...

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    Default Re: Help! Overactive letdown = screaming at breast

    Nursing very frequently & letting baby nurse one side each nursing session is how I dealt with fast letdown-that and nursing laid back. I actually set my alarm so if baby was sleeping 'too long' I could wake baby and nurse so we did not have that really long stretch of no nursing as the long stretch caused more issues. Also if baby pulled off and milk dripped or sprayed, I caught it in a cloth and relatched after the flow calmed down. Some mom hand express before nursing-basically the same idea.

    Fast flow almost always simply calms down over time. I am not a fan of block nursing in the majority of cases but careful block nursing is something you can consider if you are very confident you have true overproduction. However, block nursing may make forceful letdown WORSE before it reduces production enoguh to make things better.

    Don't let yourself get engorged. Avoiding pumping is smart, but I strongly suggest either nurse or hand express enough so that does not happen.

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