DS got weighed on the 16th of august and weighed at the dietician's on the 23rd and he was up 5 oz! I was so happy, I was practically dancing on the spot while redressing him .

But the dietician compared this weight check to the weight check done at the Ped's office and said that he was only gaining 9g/day when he should be at a bare minimum of 15g/day. I said to her "But he just had a 26g weight gain in a week". All she said to me was 28oz wasn't enough in a day for him and he needed to be at a minimum of 32oz. She mentioned to me about putting formula in his bottles to up the amount. I told her that I would rather just increase the breast milk to 5oz bottles, if she thought that he wasn't quite getting enough. She said to do that for a week and I bring him back in on the 3rd for yet another check.

She wants me to continue charting and I don't want to anymore. I've been charting now for 3 weeks and I want to rip these papers to shreds. Watching the clock when feeding is one thing but to chart EVERYTHING, it's not feeling natural anymore. Then sometimes I forget to chart a few bottles and then try and remember what he had when. When the numbers are low I think that can't be right. Then he has a high day the next day. AHHHHHHHHHH

Next question. I've been trying to build up my supply so that when I go for surgery on the 20th there is a full day's worth of bottles. I just broke my 4th pump (I was using the mi double pump. I've bout 2 between the two pregnancies but also have had 2 replacements sent to me from the company). I just bought the Medela mini electric just to get me threw until surgery, and because funds are low right now . I'm struggling right now and what I pump in the day is gone that same day. So if I pump and store everything I pump for a day I would have more then enough. But if I pump at my usual times and nurse him in between pumping sessions, will that be enough for him? Hopefully that makes sense lol