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Thread: How to encourage nursing when awake?

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    Unhappy How to encourage nursing when awake?

    Hello again, thank goodness for this forum. My baby (4 months on the 4th) who had her posterior tongue tie and lip tie clipped at 11 weeks, had cst sessions but always had and still has a very shallow latch. She would only nurse for a letdown. Yesterday and today she won't even nurse for that when awake. If I nurse her to sleep she will stay on fall asleep and keep nursing once in awhile in her sleep. I can't stay with her for each nap as I have another child. I am taking fenugreek, blessed thistle and domperidone to help with supply. She will not accept a bottle. She will be going to daycare for 3 hours twice a week. I was planning on feeding her before and right after but if she won't nurse when awake i have no idea what to do. She cant nurse lying down either as her latch is just horrible. This is so hard. I had no idea. My 1st was problem free. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you

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    I'm sorry you're having so many problems! My little guy just turned four months and during the past couple weeks has gotten horribly distractible. He often will only nurse for 2-5 minutes during the day, and nursing in public has gotten really hard because he can't focus. Do you think could be part of the problem in your case too, or not? I've resorted to offering the breast even more frequently than normal to try to make up lost time. If he's too distracted or eats poorly, I might hold him up to look around, then try again 10 minutes later.

    I personally have only succeeded with this once, but I know some people have great success nursing in a carrier (like an Ergo or a ring sling) and that could possibly let you nurse your baby while he sleeps and while you chase after the older one?? I've had a hard time getting my parts lined up correctly to make this work, but maybe a local baby wearing group could help you figure out logistics.

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    Same sort of problems here. We have had some success using a sippy cup (the cheap kind without a no-spill valve). Be sure to follow guidelines for supplementing, so you don't get even worse flow preference. http://kellymom.com/bf/pumpingmoms/f...ative-feeding/

    I also had to set a timer for every two hours, since I can get so wrapped up trying to get her to nurse that I don't realize 4 hours have passed. If two hours go by and I know she is hungry, I pump and use sippy cup.

    We are making very slow progress and some days we don't even supplement. Also, since she's getting fed during the day, night feedings have gone from very hour to every 3.

    Good luck and know that you are not alone in your troubles!

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