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Thread: Anything else I can do?

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    My baby girl is two months, and I have been having supply issues from the beginning. She is my first child. She was born 6lb 14oz, and was released from the hospital a two days later at 5lb 14oz. She latched like a champ, and for the first three days she was insatiable. Day 4 we had our appointment with the lactation consultant and baby girl was down to 5lb 13oz. After observing and weighing her, the LC determined that she had only taken in 4ml after nursing for 40 mins. The LC had me supplement with formula right there, and had me pump. Baby girl ate an ounce and a half of formula and was the calmest I have ever seen her. Pumping produced only drops. It was determined that my milk hadn't come in yet, and until that had occurred I should nurse, supplement, and then pump.

    The next day at the doctor's office, baby girl weight 6lb 5 oz, after a day of supplementing. That week she would nurse for hours. The formula upset her stomach and she would comfort nurse. Through out this process my milk never "came in." About day 10 postpartum, after some weird pressure in the pelvic area, part of my placenta came out. It was long and gray, and my bleeding returned to normal. After that incident, my milk still did not come it. The next doctor's appointment baby girl weight 6lbs 7 oz, and the doctor encouraged me to be more diligent with the formula intake. Since that second week, baby girl is up to 10lbs 4oz.

    Here are all the things I do to simulate milk production:
    * Baby girl latches all. the. time. She still loves to comfort nurse even if nothing is there. She won't take a pacifier, which is fine.
    *I have oatmeal every morning for breakfast.
    *I take 3 fenugreek tablets, 2 Mother's milk tablets, and 3 brewer's yeast tablets with every meal.
    *I drink at least 22 ounces of Gaterade everyday.
    *I drink 60-80 oz of water a day.
    *My calorie count never drops below 2000 (and often exceeds that amount, my to the chagrin of my waistline.)
    *I have rented a hospital grade pump.
    *We do skin to skin, and co-sleep.

    I have to admit, I am poor at consistently pumping. The most I've pumped in once day is 5 times, but even then I pumped less than a half an ounce -total. This morning I pumped because she was too impatient for the breast, and I didn't even cover the bottom of the bottle. I heard the baby was more efficient at receiving breast milk, so I push nursing, and hand express after each feeding.

    Currently we are supplementing 3 and 1/4 and ounces of formula per feeding, and feedings happen at least every 3 hours, if not 2 hours between 4 PM and 1AM.

    Any other suggestions? Will I ever be able to pump more than an ounce?

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    Default Re: Anything else I can do?

    Your milk did not come in, most likely, because you had a retained placenta. Have you been checked out to make sure this is not still an issue? Just because some came out on its own, does not mean it all came out.

    By the time your placenta came out (assuming it has all come out) you were already supplementing, so your milk production did not get the stimulation t needed to rebound from that poor start.

    It is probably possible to increase milk production, and since you have a good guess as to WHY your production is not normal, that can help you pinpoint how to approach it.

    First, I will suggest what you need not do. You do not want to be dehydrated of course, but over hydration does not increase milk production. A balanced, healthy diet is always helpful to you, but basically as long as you eat when you are hungry and drink (preferably water) when you are thirsty, that is all you need to worry about nutrition-wise for milk production.

    What you can do: To make milk, the most important component is a normal postpartum hormonal balance (why the retained placenta messed you up) and frequent, effective removal of milk from the breasts. Galactagogues (oatmeal, fenugreek, etc.) are only going to be a POSSIBLE help if you get those two things working for you.

    Also, Consider why baby is not nursing more effectively: if there is milk, is baby bothering to really try to get it? 3.5 ounces per feeding is not a supplemental feeding. It is a complete feeding. If your baby is getting 3.5 ounces 8 times a day, that is 28 ounces per day-normal total daily intake for a baby or, close to it. A baby who is being fully fed on formula is NOT going to be hungry enough to nurse with normal frequency or effectiveness. Do you have the sense baby is able to extract any milk when you nurse? For example, are there sounds of swallowing?

    That pump output is very bad. But why? Often even a very good pump works poorly if it does not fit well, and some moms just have a more difficult time pumping. Do you get milk expressed when you hand express?

    Without delay, schedule an ultrasound or whatever test is needed to make sure you are not still retaining any placenta.
    If baby is able to latch and nurse, consider an at the breast supplementer (lactation aid) for supplements. Please let me know if you would like more information about these.

    If you prefer to stick with bottles, I suggst, give bottles like this to avoid over-supplementing: http://www.llli.org/docs/00000000000...astfedbaby.pdf

    Get the book "Making More Milk" for accurate information about proven strategies for increasing milk production.
    Consider a prescription galactagogue
    If you have not already, see an IBCLC- A board certified lactation consultant who is experienced with issues of severe low production.

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